WPS22 : Anti-Narcotics Conference to Mitigate Crime

WPS22 : Anti-Narcotics Conference to Mitigate Crime

As the ongoing crusade against crime evolves, law enforcement agencies must stay abreast of the latest developments and innovations to mitigate emerging challenges in forensics, narcotics and beyond, especially with the advancement of digital technologies.

This was the focus of the third day of the inaugural World Police Summit, which saw the introduction of the Anti-Narcotics Conference and the second day of the Forensic Science Conference.

The Anti-Narcotics Conference debuted at the World Police Summit with keynote speeches by Lt. Gen Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chief of Police and Public Security in Dubai, Chairman of the Anti-Narcotics Council, Dubai Police, and Jose de Gracia Romero, Assistant Director, Criminal Networks Sub-Directorate, INTERPOL. They shared their collective insights on global substance abuse, the roadmap to building a drug-free world and more.

Khalid Al Mamari, Deputy Secretary-General, Arab Interior Ministers Council, Saudi Arabia, was on the leadership panel discussing collaborative, intelligence-driven approaches to control global drug trafficking. He said,

"The Arab Ministers of Interior launched the Arab strategy to combat the illicit use of drugs and their effects in 1986, and since then, several reviews and additions have been conducted. The Unified Arab Drug Law is one of the most critical and visible, and this law acts as a guide for member states to amend and implement their own laws. To foster collaboration, we have an intelligence plan on combatting drugs in place, which is renewed every year by the Council for distribution to member states."

On the third and penultimate day of the World Police Summit, leaders of global crimefighting agencies, high-ranking officers from international anti-narcotics bureaus, and chemistry and toxicology experts with backgrounds in tackling substance abuse and rehabilitation led panel discussions and strategy talks to combat drug trafficking and the effects of drug abuse on all levels of society.

Speaking on a panel discussion on the impact of technology on fighting narcotics trafficking, substance abuse, and addition, Dr. Mohammed Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security, Government of UAE, said,

"Digital transformation is here to stay, and as such, dependencies on technology will only increase, and with that, brings about increased vulnerability to digital ecosystems and infrastructure. Stakeholders will need to work even closer together to cope with this. Despite all the use of technologies, the human component is still of utmost importance in order for us to elevate our technology capabilities and synergies. The goal should be to incorporate aspects of people (human capabilities), technologies, policies and governance in working towards greater collaboration between private and government sectors."

The second day of the Forensic Science Conference saw academics and officers alike lead panel discussions and technical presentations on various aspects of forensic science. These focused on the themes of fire investigation, forensic engineering and forensic medicine and electronic evidence and forensics.

The exhibition area of the summit includes displays and demonstrations of products and innovations from brands and organisations the world over.

Walid Yehia, General Manager – UAE, Dell Technologies, Bronze sponsor of the World Police Summit, said,

"Embracing innovations in cloud, big data, AI/ML and security allows the nation’s law enforcement to deliver efficient and secure public services. Dell Technologies has a long history of enabling governments to focus their investment and efforts in building robust digital infrastructure, which in turn help deliver effective services to communities. At World Police Summit, we are showcasing our end-to-end portfolio of solutions that enable government departments to tackle their strategic and operational imperatives. Ultimately, technology is the tool that will transform their services and allow the development of a smarter, safer and secure society."

The World Police Summit concludes tomorrow, and it will comprise two more conferences centred around police innovation and resilience, and K9 capabilities respectively. There will also be six dedicated exhibition zones throughout this time showcasing the latest crime detection and prevention technologies, and products and services, to decision-makers and influencers.

Taking place in Dubai between 14th and 17th March, 2022, the World Police Summit is hosted by Dubai Police, and organised by dmg events. With over 150 exhibitors and 10,000 registered visitors, in addition to its myriad speakers and delegates, the summit will offer an extensive range of technological and intellectual resources that law enforcement agencies can leverage to address the needs and challenges of modern happenings such as cybercrime, urbanisation, digital evolution and post-pandemic recovery – all with the common goal of ensuring a safer world for all.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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