Your Guide around Dubai's Oldest Market - The Gold Souk

Your Guide around Dubai's Oldest Market - The Gold Souk

Rumored to be almost a 100 years old, the Gold Souk in Dubai is a stop you cannot miss. The souk welcomes its visitors with culture, heritage and deep rooted Emirati traditions.

Whether you are a gold buyer or a tourist interested in taking the old city's charm and window shopping the dazzling gold jewelry available, the Gold souk is open for all to feel like Aladdin in the Cave of Wonders.

Getting there

Located in Deira, an area in Dubai bordered by the Persian Gulf and the Dubai Creek, the route for access is quite easy to go,

  • Catch the nearest metro station, Al Ras (Green Line) or the Gold Souq Metro Station within walking distance which is also on the Green Line.
  • Get there by bus, via the nearest bus stations that are Al Sabkha and Gold Souq.
  • A more popular option is the abra, a traditional boat that crosses the Dubai Creek and is regularly used by tourists and locals alike and is the fastest means of transport between Bur Dubai and Deira. You can take the abra from Al Fahidi Marine Transport Station, to avoid the crowds.
  • The Big Bus Dubai Hop On Hop Off Tour is also a good option which can be customized to your itinerary to hop on and hop off to the many tourist attractions in Dubai.

What to Expect

The Dubai Gold souk is a haven for people who are attracted to fine craftsmanship and would like to appreciate the countless options available. You might find jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces all the way up to scarves and dresses of gold.

Since the Emirate has no import duty tax, buying gold in Dubai is significantly cheaper than other places in the world, and traveling with the gold is also quite easy. There is a tax return on gold available for tourists that can be availed at the airport at showing the receipt.

The gold starts from 18K to 24K, and for anyone who has been living under a rock, the higher the karat, the purer the gold. A 24k gold is pure gold.

The weight price is non-negotiable as it depends on the gold rate of the day, the craftsmanship is, be ready to bargain with the shopkeeper as they expect you to do so and keep their prices higher.

Tips on Navigating the Souk

Be ready for shopkeepers to haggle you to enter their store, this might be a little overwhelming for anyone who has not been in such markets so we strongly advise you to go with a guide or with a city local that you trust.

The gold is regularly checked by the Dubai Municipality and is highly authentic, but always be aware of buying it from street side vendors as they are not licensed gold sellers.

If you like an item, wait. There are around 300 shops and you might find the same item another place for a slightly better value. Go around and get familiar with the market before committing to buying the item.

And finally, when you have decided to purchase something, do not hold back on the bargain. You're likely to win the bargain on the charges for the craftsmanship, which is referred to as making charges in layman terms.

Not to Miss

The gold souk is right by the Spice souk, which is filled with vibrant fresh spices of all kinds, a dream for you cooks! Grab some for the next meal you plan to cook.

The nearby Emirati restaurants in Bur Dubai, which is the old main city of Dubai. Grab a bite after the long tour of the Souk to rejuvenate.

There's also shops of Turkish lamps, Indian and Pakistani clothes and shoes and more to look around the market for really good bargains. Keep your eyes out for these while you scour the market.

Happy Travels!

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