10 future trends to shape healthcare in Dubai

10 future trends to shape healthcare in Dubai

Covid-19 showed the world how innovation and technology benefit the health sector during the pandemic, and Dubai aims to take those learnings forward and develop strategies that will improve patient care, said a top official during World Hospital Congress.

"The pandemic clearly showed the world that innovation and use of technology is possible and scalable in a short period of time. It also demonstrated the benefits of technology such as telemedicine in the health sector,”

said Dr. Ramadan Al Blooshi, chairman of the organising committee of the International Hospital Federation’s 45th World Hospital Congress which is taking place in Dubai.

He highlighted that this is the largest gathering of global healthcare professionals to take place in Dubai after Covid-19.

"We are keen to study the outcomes and recommendations of this congress to take into view short-term and long-term strategies we can implement in Dubai with an aim to make healthcare more accessible, to empower patients to monitor their basic health markers through technology, to move more towards precision medicine, to ensure we implement technologies such as AI and Metaverse with an aim to transform healthcare for the better and to ensure we look closely at sustainability to reduce the carbon footprint of the health sector on the globe,"

Al Blooshi said.

He said that the idea is to take those learnings forward and to develop strategies for that will further improve patient care in Dubai as well as empower patients in a manner where they move more towards preventative care rather than care after disease diagnosis.

The future trends for Dubai’s health sector include:

  • Increased AI adoption and Metaverse in healthcare
  • Personalized healthcare and precision medicine
  • Growth of wearable devices and more health tracking
  • Telemedicine and virtual healthcare
  • Focus on mental health and wellbeing
  • Incentivizing health and wellbeing at the corporate level
  • Regulatory changes to keep up-to-date with digital health
  • Public Health will remain an area of focus in a post-pandemic era
  • Increase in in-home care and home follow-up care especially for geriatric patients
  • Stronger cooperation and collaboration between global healthcare organizations

The International Hospital Federation’s 45th World Hospital Congress which is taking place in Dubai under the theme “Global Learnings, Local Actions: Sustainable Healthcare concludes on Friday.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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