5 Trends to Transform Your Home for a Cozy and Stylish Summer Indoors

5 Trends to Transform Your Home for a Cozy and Stylish Summer Indoors

Sulin Sugathan, President & Director of Retail at Royal Furniture, shares five transformative trends to create a cozy and stylish summer indoors.

Summers are upon us, meaning many of your social soirees are happening indoors. Whether it’s a charming tea party, a themed dinner evening, or just a lazy afternoon to chill away from the blazing sun, creating a cozy space as you hide from the Dubai Summer is important! One of the many ways you can spruce up your living even while you stick to the four walls of your home is by creating a trendy space for yourself! Here’s how you can do that.

Rattan for casual luxury

Exhibiting low-key elegance, rattan and wicker are the epitome of versatility. While they have always marked their presence in outdoor and patio furniture, this lightweight and quiet luxury material has made a remarkable blend in living room furniture. This summer, think of a TV unit with rattan surfaces or a rocking chair that gracefully weaves in comfort with style. The fact that rattan can be used to enhance the décor in multiple ways is quite pleasing. It also seems trending for all the right reasons – easy to move, light and airy, sustainable, and not too heavy on the budget. So, if you are looking for a dash of simple sophistication, furniture pieces with woven rattan accents portray it effortlessly.

Customizing comfort

Everyone wants a welcoming sanctuary, and a part of achieving that is surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. With more opportunities to stay indoors, furniture crafted for togetherness is trending. Whether dining furniture to underline happier meals or coffee tables to accommodate cozy conversations, anything that helps you connect with elevating the happiness quotient is in! With that said, comfort prioritizes the list of needs to revamp your home and customize your furniture to suit your unique style and needs. People often prefer various materials like faux fur, soft velvet, and jacquard textures are beautifully redefining Zen spaces. Bring in tactile throws and fluffy cushions to create a sense of comfort alongside luxury. With these small and somewhat meaningful changes, you’ll be set to embrace character and compliments for a personally styled home.

Bring home the outdoors

In scorching deserts, create your oasis with indoor plants and wall art depicting nature. Rustic wooden furniture accentuated with muted tones delivers much-needed calmness, while upholstered furniture in breathable fabrics will keep things light and breezy. The conventional egg-shaped swing is also trending with a design twist as a chair - a comfortable, statement-making, and perfect match to infuse outdoor fun. While at it, enhance the environs with botanical motifs and tropical prints to revitalize your living spaces.

Functional Minimalism

Yes, it's true; the need to keep in mind space and theme is going strong this summer as furniture designs offering multifunctional features gain traction. Say, sofa beds and center tables with under storage are highly sought after for their versatility and space-saving capabilities. The idea of minimally cluttered homes done up with furniture pieces that serve multiple uses is a welcoming trend for modern and compact spaces. Fans of minimalism can also explore furniture options that design multifunctional spaces. Think of home offices that double up as guest bedrooms with sofa cum beds or living rooms with built-in storage to keep your home tidy and organized. Also, white is still used to tie together the minimal theme.

The Midas touch

A home of neutral shades is beautiful, breezy, and perfect for summer. But this season, gold accents are adding a touch of glamour to tranquil spaces with a wide range of opportunities to add the sheen.  Gold-paneled standing mirrors to contrast the pastel shades in bedrooms or gold-structured furniture like end tables, chairs, and tables have evolved to switch up the looks. They create elegant and inviting home spaces without going overboard or compromising comfort.

It is easy to understand the summery feel in upholstery, artwork, throws, cushions, and furniture while creating neat interiors in simplified spaces. This summer, just balance functionality, comfort, and style for homes that draw on individuality.

Maryam Pervez

Written by Maryam Pervez

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