A guide to understanding Dubai's colour-coded street signs

A guide to understanding Dubai's colour-coded street signs

Dubai's navigational signs convey essential information about routes and destinations.

Whether you're a Dubai resident or a tourist, following the colour-coded street signs will undoubtedly lead you to your destination smoothly and efficiently. But first you have to learn the distinctive blue, green, white, and brown signs.

Unlike conventional ones, Dubai's navigational signs are not just a mix of Arabic and English text but are colour-coded that convey essential information about routes and destinations.

Let's unravel the meaning behind these colours and how they assist drivers in reaching their desired locations swiftly.

We’ve compiled this list to make you informed and enjoy the journey.

Blue signs

For travellers embarking on inter-emirate journeys, the blue signboards come to the rescue. These signs indicate that you are on the Emirate Route (E Route), connecting different emirates. The emblem of the United Arab Emirates' roads, a majestic falcon, proudly adorns these blue signs.

Green signs

Green sign boards come into play when you're exploring various areas within the city itself. Representing the Dubai Route (D Route), these signs guide drivers to different districts within Dubai. The emblem of Dubai's roads, a grand castle, graces the green signs.

White signs

As drivers enter residential areas and communities, they encounter white road signs with the names of the streets they're navigating. These signs help them find their way through inner roads, making it easier to reach specific destinations within Dubai's neighbourhoods.

Brown signs

Providing more than just directions, brown signs offer valuable supplementary details. These signs often include symbols that describe intended destinations, such as tourist spots and landmarks, allowing travellers to explore Dubai's iconic attractions with ease.


The next time you hit the road, keep in mind that the direction you choose can also significantly impact your travel itinerary.

Driving south means you're moving towards Abu Dhabi.

On the other hand, driving north means you're going towards Sharjah.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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