A step-by-step guide to Dubai's new civil marriage service

A step-by-step guide to Dubai's new civil marriage service

Explained: Fees for the service, terms and conditions, and expat's religion.

A new service launched by the Dubai Courts helps non-Muslims complete their marriage ceremonies within a day. Earlier non-Muslim couples in the Emirate could get married in a religious ceremony or at their home country’s embassy or consulate.

The service is in line with the new Federal Personal Status Law that covers marriage, divorce, and inheritance of non-Muslim nationals and expats in the UAE.

It will regulate marriage conditions and the procedures of contracting and documenting the marriage before the courts and specify the procedures of divorce that can be initiated jointly or unilaterally.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for couples to get their civil marriage contracts in 24 hours:

  • Visit a Dubai Courts service centre.
  • Fill out a digital form.
  • A designated employee checks for consent of both the parties.
  • The request is confirmed and signed electronically.
  • It is then sent to a judge to verify that all legal requirements are completed.
  • The judge then signs the document.
  • The marriage contract will be documented and approved electronically.
  • It will be sent to the applicants via text message and email

Where are the Dubai Courts service centres located?

According to the government department’s website, the service centres are in Al Yalayis, Wafi Mall and Al Barsha Traffic Building.

What are the fees for the service?

The marriage certificate issuance fee is Dh220.

What are the terms and conditions?

  • The applicants must be non-Muslims.
  • One of the parties must be a resident of Dubai.
  • Both applicants must be aged 21 years or over.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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