RTA's Commercial Transport Activities contributed AED16 billion to Dubai's Economy in 2022

RTA's Commercial Transport Activities contributed AED16 billion to Dubai's Economy in 2022

His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General, Chairman of the Board of Executives Directors of Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) revealed that AED16.1 billion was contributed to Dubai’s Economy in 2022 by the commercial transport sector, which is regulated by RTA. The sector employs around 242,000 jobs by more than 7000 companies.
Al Tayer expressed the significance of the commercial transport activities sector, which forms the backbone of Dubai's thriving economic and commercial landscape.

“The sector is critical in achieving the goals of Dubai Economic Agenda (D33)  which aims  to position Dubai among the Top 3 economic cities globally. It also contributes to accelerate the  emirate’s growth by assuring uninterrupted flow of goods and global supply chains, and enhancing Dubai's reputation and competitiveness besides bringing about positive social impacts across several other sectors,”

noted Al Tayer.

Logistical Hub

“The commercial transport activities sector has experienced consistent economic growth over the last two years fuelled by e-commerce. Dubai is a significant logistical hub for shipping and distribution in the region. Over 7,000 companies operate in the sector, which is a remarkable 26% growth in 2022 compared to the previous year. The number of registered commercial vehicles operated by these companies exceeds 300,000, reflecting a 16% growth rate compared to 2021. The commercial and logistical transport sector contributes about AED16.1 billion  to Dubai's economy, with AED8.5 billion  constituting direct contributions and AED7.6 billion  accounting for indirect contributions,”

explained Al Tayer.

83 Activities

“RTA is heavily focused on enabling the commercial transport activities sector to develop new solutions and implement flexible regulatory structures to govern and streamline the operations of the transport and leasing sectors. These efforts aimed at achieve  RTA’s objectives of enhancing traffic safety, reducing incidents associated with the movement of trucks, streamlining the traffic flow during the truck ban periods, and providing infrastructure and services that contribute to the enhancement of commercial transport activities,”

elaborated Al Tayer.

In collaboration with the private sector RTA is currently developing seven projects and initiatives  which include implementing the digital adoption project to enhance the efficiency of transport and leasing activities by promoting digital transformation, updating the requirements for conducting business to align them with government directives to facilitate the ease of doing business, and implementing best practices in regulating and governing transportation and leasing sectors.

“The projects also include fostering collaboration with partners to support the collective efforts of engaging transport and leasing companies as well as stakeholders in government agencies in advancing the services provided and revamping the regulation and governance of the transportation and leasing activity sectors to boost the sustainability and competitiveness on a global scale. The  measures  also include implementing regulations governing the activities of 83 transportation and leasing activities, with special emphasis on crucial areas such as transport, leasing services, and the management of transport services activities,”

concluded Al Tayer.

Rest Stops for Trucks

RTA is presently constructing three all-inclusive rest areas for trucks in partnership with the private sector. These lay-by areas span over 226,000 square metres and can accommodate about 500 trucks and heavy vehicles. There are 16 additional rest stops for trucks on several main roads across Dubai . These facilities contribute to improving traffic safety by reducing accidents caused by driver fatigue resulting from extended periods of driving. Furthermore, they facilitate the smooth flow of traffic during the truck ban periods and address the issue of parking trucks on main roads and residential areas.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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