Apple expands 'Find My' feature in new iOS patch

Apple expands 'Find My' feature in new iOS patch

Apple has expanded the 'Find My' feature to support third party accessories.
The tech giant's new iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 updates have been unveiled with a number of helpful changes to help users.

The 'Find My' app now as a 'Find My Items' section, which allows third party accessory manufacturers to use the device network to track items down. As it stands, only one product - an upcoming version of Belkin's wireless earbuds - supports the feature, but more could join it in the future.

Other changes include a boost for the HomePod mini handoff, with the latter now able to get a better sense of the direction and distance of iPhones with the U1 ultra wideband chip.

In a nice addition, your handset will also vibrate more intensely the closer it is to the HomePod mini.

Also included in the patch is a boost allowing the camera to recognize smaller QR codes, as well as bug fixes and some security improvements. For iPhone 12 users, the device can now detect if its rear lenses have been swapped for non-Apple versions.

It will now alert the user, which can settle the mind of anyone concerned about their handset being serviced and the camera lenses swapped for inferior versions.

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