Apple Introduces visionOS 2 for Enhanced Spatial Computing; Expands Reach for Apple Vision Pro

Apple Introduces visionOS 2 for Enhanced Spatial Computing; Expands Reach for Apple Vision Pro

Apple has once again captivated the world with its innovative strides in technology as it announces the expansion of Apple Vision Pro to new countries and regions.

With pre-orders set to commence in China mainland, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, Apple enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate the seamless integration of digital content with the physical world, promising transformative spatial experiences across various facets of life.

Scheduled for pre-orders starting June 13 in select regions, Apple Vision Pro represents a revolutionary leap in spatial computing. As Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, expresses, the excitement surrounding this announcement is palpable. The device promises to unravel the impossible, transcending boundaries in work, collaboration, entertainment, and beyond.

A Revolutionary Spatial Computer

The side view of Apple Vision Pro is shown.
Apple Vision Pro is designed to sustain high-performance workloads and is capable of running for 2 hours on a single charge.

Apple Vision Pro, powered by visionOS, integrates eye, hand, and voice controls for a seamless user experience across Apple devices. Apps respond to eye movements and finger taps, while Siri aids in tasks. The interface offers an infinite canvas for multitasking and immersive environments like national parks. visionOS 2, a free update, adds features like 3D photo conversion, hand gesture navigation, and enhancements to Mindfulness, Safari, and the Apple TV app, enhancing spatial computing engagement.

A Robust Catalog of Apps, Games, and Experiences

The App Store boasts over 2,000 apps for Apple Vision Pro, alongside 1.5 million iOS and iPadOS apps, with additional Mac Virtual Display compatibility. This extensive selection, paired with Vision Pro's unique features, offers users remarkable versatility.

An Enormous, Private, and Portable Workspace

Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on Apple Vision Pro are shown.
Multitasking between apps from Microsoft 365 is a breeze with life-size windows that take advantage of the infinite canvas of Apple Vision Pro.

Top productivity apps like Box, Slack, and Zoom facilitate collaboration, alongside utilities like AirLauncher and Bluetooth accessories, enhancing everyday tasks. VisionOS 2 promises further productivity boosts with compatible accessories like Magic Keyboard and Trackpad.

An Unmatched Personal Cinema

Dune in 3D is shown on Apple Vision Pro.
Apple Vision Pro users can watch more than 250 3D movies from the world’s top studios with remarkable depth and clarity.

Apple Vision Pro offers a range of top streaming services including Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ with Hulu, and more. The Apple TV app includes Apple Originals and over 250 3D movies, some free for Apple TV+ subscribers. Users can access additional services via apps like IMAX and enjoy shared viewing experiences with SharePlay.

A Front-Row Seat and Personal Scoreboard for Sports

The NBA in Multiview is shown on Apple Vision Pro.
Basketball fans can stream up to five games live or on demand simultaneously, view real-time player and team stats, and effortlessly glance at other games and scores with the NBA app on Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro offers apps from prominent sports leagues and brands like NBA, MLS, MLB, NHL, PGA TOUR, UFC, and Red Bull TV. Users enjoy enhanced viewing experiences with features like multiview, real-time stats, and live object mapping, alongside access to live sports via cable services and broadcasters.

An Incredible Gaming Device

Explore thousands of games on Apple Arcade, including 250+ titles. New spatial games and updates arrive regularly, featuring recent hits like Alto’s Odyssey — The Lost City, Crossy Road Castle, and Where Cards Fall. Enjoy immersive experiences on Apple Vision Pro, accessing a variety of games across platforms with compatible controllers.

An Infinite Canvas for Creativity

New design apps like AirDraw and Da Vinci Eye utilize spatial computing for sketching and drawing. djay enables music creation with gestures, winning an Apple Design Award. Lowe’s Style Studio aids in kitchen design.

Groundbreaking Storytelling Experiences

Apple Vision Pro debuts Immersive Video, using 3D 8K and Spatial Audio for immersive storytelling. Apple TV hosts Immersive films, while the App Store offers interactive experiences like Encounter Dinosaurs and GUCCI’s Who Is Sabato De Sarno?, along with Marvel Studios’ What If…?

Spatial computing, particularly Apple Vision Pro, is gaining traction across industries, with over half of Fortune 100 companies utilizing it for various applications like 3D design collaboration, employee training, and healthcare advancements such as surgical planning and medical imaging.

Unrivaled Hardware Design and Innovation

Apple Vision Pro offers exceptional compute power in a compact wearable. Its micro-OLED display packs 23 million pixels into postage stamp-sized screens for superior resolution. Spatial Audio creates immersive soundscapes, and advanced eye tracking enhances intuitive interaction. Powered by Apple's M2 and R1 chips, it combines standalone performance with real-time processing from 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones. EyeSight feature fosters connectivity.

Apple Vision Pro Embodies Apple’s Values

Just like all Apple products, Apple Vision Pro embodies Apple's core values:

  • VisionOS integrates robust accessibility features like VoiceOver, Zoom, Color Filters, and more, redesigned for spatial computing. Users can choose input methods with Pointer Control and Dwell Control, and enable eye tracking with one dominant eye. Upcoming updates include systemwide Live Captions and enhanced compatibility with Made for iPhone hearing devices.
  • Educational apps like Art Universe, Beautiful Things, and others provide immersive learning experiences in art, history, science, and space through interactive scenes and volumetric objects.
  • Apple Vision Pro prioritizes user privacy and security with features like Optic ID, which uses iris recognition for unlocking, password autofill, and secure payments via Apple Pay. Eye tracking data remains private, not shared with Apple or third-party apps and websites.

Apple Vision Pro and the Environment

Apple Vision Pro incorporates 100% recycled rare earth magnets, tin soldering, and gold plating in its circuit boards. It adheres to Apple's stringent energy efficiency standards, devoid of mercury, brominated flame retardants, PVC, and beryllium. Its packaging is entirely fiber-based, aligning with Apple's aim to remove plastics from packaging by 2025. Apple has achieved carbon neutrality for its corporate operations and aims to extend this to its entire manufacturing supply chain and product lifecycle by 2030.

visionOS 2: Enhancing Spatial Computing Experiences for Apple Vision Pro

The new larger Mac Virtual Display in visionOS 2.
visionOS 2 delivers a huge productivity boost for Apple Vision Pro users with new capabilities coming to Mac Virtual Display, mouse support, and more.

Apple's continual innovation in spatial computing has reached new heights with the introduction of visionOS 2 for Apple Vision Pro. This major update brings a plethora of features aimed at enhancing user experiences, empowering developers, and expanding the possibilities of spatial computing.

Overview of visionOS 2:

  • Spatial Photo Creation: Users can now create stunning spatial photos directly from their existing library in the Photos app, using advanced machine learning algorithms to transform 2D images into immersive spatial experiences.
  • Enhanced Hand Gestures: New hand gestures allow users to access key functions more intuitively, enabling easier navigation and interaction with the device.
  • Productivity Features: Mac Virtual Display receives upgrades in resolution and size, along with mouse support for enhanced workflow options. Users can personalize their Home View and utilize Travel Mode for on-the-go experiences.
  • Developer Tools: visionOS 2 introduces new APIs and frameworks for developers, facilitating the creation of more immersive and shareable app experiences. HealthKit integration opens up new possibilities for health and fitness apps.
  • Enterprise Solutions: The update provides tools for enterprise developers to create tailored solutions for various industries, ranging from healthcare to manufacturing.

Notable Features and Enhancements:

A video displayed in Safari in visionOS 2 while immersed in an Environment.
With Safari in visionOS 2, Apple Vision Pro users can dial in an Environment and transform their physical surroundings as they watch videos on popular streaming and entertainment websites.
  • Spatial Video Creation: Users can capture and edit spatial videos on Apple Vision Pro and iPhone 15 Pro, with support from Canon's new spatial lens and updates to Final Cut Pro.
  • Immersive Storytelling: Apple Immersive Video, supported by the Apple TV app, delivers ultra-immersive storytelling experiences with 3D 8K video and Spatial Audio.
  • Enhanced Web Browsing: Safari introduces new features, including watching videos in an Environment and immersive panoramic photo viewing.
  • Multiview Support: The Apple TV app now supports multiview on Apple Vision Pro, allowing users to watch up to five simultaneous streams for an ultimate sports-viewing experience.
  • Mindfulness App: The Mindfulness app introduces "Follow Your Breathing," a new capability to help users achieve calm and focus through dynamic visual animations.
  • Accessibility: Systemwide Live Captions and AirPlay support from iPhone, iPad, or Mac enhance accessibility and content sharing capabilities.

visionOS 2 for Apple Vision Pro represents a significant leap forward in spatial computing, offering users enhanced experiences and providing developers with powerful tools to create innovative applications. With its focus on creativity, productivity, and accessibility, visionOS 2 continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of spatial computing.

News Source: Apple Newsroom

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