Ariel Podart, an Interactive and Free Art Installation Happening from 22-24 October

Ariel Podart, an Interactive and Free Art Installation Happening from 22-24 October

Ariel Middle East partners with two Dubai-based artists to host the event that combines art & augmented reality.

Ariel Middle East - one of the world’s most recognizable laundry brands - is hosting PodArt - a one of a kind experience that combines Augmented Reality (AR) and abstract art. The live art installations, which will take place from 22nd October to 24th October at The Beach JBR and City Walk in Dubai, is designed to bring to life Ariel PODS – an innovation in laundry care, uniquely designed to contain three separate products in one convenient capsule.

The pieces of art, which have been created by Paul Bruwer and Dreams of Grandeur will be displayed from 1pm to 11pm each day. The events’ visitors can enjoy an immersive AR experience and bring the colorful art installations to life using any smartphone or tablet, making PodArt the ideal weekend activity for all.

Ramy Tarshouby, Marketing & Commercial Director at Procter & Gamble Middle East said:

“We are excited about this partnership between Ariel Pods and the inspirational Dubai based artists. Ariel Pods are a unique innovation from the Ariel Brand, which is the #1 Laundry Detergent Brand in the UAE. We believe that pods are the future of laundry, and we are thrilled to be able to offer them here. Bringing the work of these talented artists to life through the technology of augmented reality is really an ode to Ariel Pods and how using them brightens the boldest colors. Color plays a vitally important role in everyone’s life, and through this collaboration we hope to inspire the celebration of color, whether on a wall of art or the clothes we wear."

As an innovative form of laundry, Ariel PODS have a super-concentrated cleaning power and are designed for brightening bold colors. Serving as vivid interpretations to how the artists see Ariel PODS, the art collection is also created to reflect what color means to the artists.

Paul Bruwer, Artist and Illustrator said:

“There is a unique aspect to this particular collaboration. Ariel is all about caring for color in so many ways, and so do we as artists in our everyday professional lives. Color literally is a part of us as we work, it comes home with us from 'the office' and we embrace this. Our stains of color on our clothes are love letters to our past projects and therefore color is a huge part of our everyday lives.”

Ariel Middle East will display the excitingly vivid collection of art over the weekend and will offer giveaways during the three-day event. This celebration of the ease of using Ariel PODS and the product’s innovative 3in1 benefit, has not been seen before in the region.

The events will be following strict health and safety measures in line with government regulations to ensure social distancing throughout.

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