Dine from the comfort of your car at these unique eateries in Dubai

Dine from the comfort of your car at these unique eateries in Dubai

Dubai is a city that is diverse in its people, cultures, food, glamour, and lifestyle. It has a vast range of unique gastronomical delights and culinary options. You can never run out of new food, cuisines, and dining experiences to try in Dubai as the city comes up with new culinary varieties every day! From classic street food to posh fine dining and creative culinary gems food lovers are in for a joyful ride. A new and unique dining experience in Dubai is the Car Dine-in, it is quite popular in the west and has now started gaining popularity in Dubai. This unique experience allows you to eat delicious and mouthwatering food from the comfort of your car. Which is perfect for when the temperatures rise up or when you’re just feeling lazy to get out of the car ;) !

How does it work you may ask?

Well, as the name suggests, you must comfortably sit in your car, place your order and once your food is about to be served, the staff will bring a big tray in your car that will be attached from window to window. They will then place your yummy and hot food on the tray which is big enough to hold all the food and beverage you decide to indulge in. So, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the food, play some music, eat till your hearts content. And, with the summers in Dubai getting intense, you can even roll up the windows and enjoy your hearty meal without worrying about spilling it anywhere. Now isn’t that fun?!

If that sounds fun to you, here are a few unique eateries in Dubai that offer car dine-in. And the best part is not only is the food delicious but you wont hurt your pockets too as most these are quite under the budget and affordable adding to its uniqueness.

1. Sho Shi TukTuk Restaurant

TukTuk is a unique Emirati food truck in Dubai. They're most known for their delicious and yummy dishes, vibrant mojitos and Emirati classics like Liqimat, Blaleet and Regaq with different sweet and savory toppings. You must try their Hot Dog sandwich, Mutton Skewers, Mixed chocolate waffles and mini pancakes. Other highlights from their menu includes- Beef, Mutton and Chicken Meshakeeks, Kebab sandwich, various seafood options, Pancakes and waffles with toppings like Nutella, cheese, chocolate, Oman chips and more. Their mojitos are out of this world, you must try – YYY, Energetic, Slash Laban Chitos and the Slash Laban Chip.

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Location: Al Barsha Markets South 1

Timings: 06:30 am – 02:30 am

Price: AED 100 for 2

2. Nad Al Hamar Baker

Nad Al Hamar Baker is a popular bakery in Dubai that serves freshly baked bread filled with delicious savory & sweets fillings. Eating crispy filled bread paired with delicious and warm karak, it is the perfect spot for car dine-in in Dubai! All their items cost around AED 1- 11, but the majority come under AED 7. Must try items are their bread with Chips Oman & cheese, Labneh & Honey, Falafel, Samosa, Keema and Kinder. These are best paired with their delicious Karak or you can also choose a Tea, Cappuccino or Caramel Latte form their menu. The bread with Omani Halwa is something you cannot miss out on! They are available on Deliveroo for Nad Al Hamar area so you can enjoy their delish treats in the comfort of your home too. This eatery is not open during lunch times so make sure you keep that in mind before making a visit.

Location: Ras Al Khor

Timings: 7:00 am – 01:00 pm | 05:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Price: AED 30 for 2

3. Tikka Shikka Restaurant

Tikka Shikka Restaurant is a family-owned organic restaurant that uses authentic recipes to satisfy all of your cravings, offering a wide range of desi delicacies for everyone. The restaurant offers outdoor dining and car dine in options. Must try dishes from their delectable menu includes Hara Tikka, Mutton Seek Roll, Butter Chicken Masala, Puri Paratha, Mithi Lassi, Gulabi Lassi, Shahi Tukda, Lal Aloo, Tandoori Gobi, Lal Tikka, Veg Paneer Tikka and many more. They pride themselves in serving delicious food that will remind you of home. Their special Bohri Thaal experience which celebrates the Bohri culture and cuisine is very popular. Try their food once and you’ll end up loving Bohri cuisine forever!

Location: Al Karama

Timings: Mon- Thu 12:00 pm – 02:00 am Fri-Sun 12:00 pm – 04:00 am

Price: AED 45 for 2

4. Colaba Street Food Restaurant

Indian street food and chaat fans gather around because this is your place! Colaba Street food is a hidden-gem in Dubai that serves you all your favorites from classic street foods like Vada pav, Masala Dosa to delicious mains served with naans, puris, or paratha. Their chaats, Dosa, Lassi, paratha and Karak are absolutely amazing! Must try items from their delectable menu includes - Pani Puri, Punjabi Samosa Pav, 3-Way Cheese Dosa, Shydar Samosa, Egg& cheese Baratha, Colaba Grill cheese sandwich, Dahi Puri, Orange & Mango juice, Kulfi and Mango Lassi. If you love chaats and Indian street do try these with their car dine-in option.

Location: Al Mizhar, Dubai

Timings: 03:00 pm – 11: 45 pm

Price: AED 40 for 2

5. Golden Tasty Restaurant

Golden Tasty Restaurant was the first to bring car dine-in to UAE. They are best known for their delicious food at affordable prices. Their mojitos are delicious and a favorite of many foodies in Dubai. Must try dishes are Cheetos Pasta, Mexican Chicken Burger, Terbo Mojito, Lebanese Shawarma, Chicken Manchurian, Snack Meal, Golden lollipops, charcoal chicken and many more. A visit to this delicious and affordable restaurant is a must and their car dine-in just makes the experiences even more memorable.

Location: Al Barsha and in Al Hudaiba

Timings: Open 24 hours

Price: AED 100 for 2

6. FF3

FF3 is a chic food truck in Al Khawaneej area that is serving a car dine-in options like no other! They have a special winter themed and a birthday themed car dine-in option. The winter themed option includes cake, flowers, and hot chocolate. The perfect way to celebrate and enjoy with your loved one! You can choose the birthday option to surprise and celebrate your partner’s special day. You can expect 2 hot chocolates or winter coffees, 1 cake cup, 1 set of playing cards, candles, flowers, 2 appetizers and 2 main courses. You are required to book almost 32 hours in advance if you want to take up on their car dine-in service. Their menu highlights include – Cheetos Mac n cheese, Chicken sliders, Crispy shrimp, Shawarma Box. They also have different kinds of hot and cold coffee, milkshakes, mojitos, and juices. If you’re looking for a way to surprise your partner or just a small and intimate way of celebrating and enjoying with them this is the perfect option!

Location: FF3, Al Khawaneej, Dubai

Price: AED 350 (car dine-in service)

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