Careem's new engineering leadership changes to bring exciting developments

Careem's new engineering leadership changes to bring exciting developments

Careem has announced senior leadership changes in its engineering organization, with Stephen Kruger taking on the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Baber Shaikh being elevated to Senior Vice President (SVP) of Engineering.

These changes in management are exciting developments for the Careem team, and will be instrumental in building world-class technology to power the multitude of services now being offered through the Careem app.

Over the past year, Stephen has overseen the transition of Careem from a multi-threaded set of verticals into a singular Super App, and the transformation of loyalty into a compelling subscription programme, Careem Plus. Through a pragmatic, collaborative approach, Stephen manages technology holistically to meet specific business needs. He has successfully built a strong foundation for the Careem Pay engineering organisation, supporting the upcoming launch of new products. In addition, Stephen has introduced new tools and a strong culture of rigorous documentation that will be integral to facilitating Careem’s technology at an even greater scale.

A mission-oriented leader, Baber has put forward a vision and structure that unified synergies allowing Careem to grow efficiently into the leading tech company of the region. Since joining Careem, Baber has led the delivery of solutions to maintain and evolve business continuity through the delivery of stringent compliance programmes and will continue to build on the success of complex projects through cross-collaboration within the engineering teams. From initiating the internship programme in Palestine to the new college graduate engineering scheme in Pakistan, in under one year, Baber already began putting the right foundations in place to build a lasting engineering institution.

Mudassir Sheikha, Co-founder and CEO of Careem said:

“These two exceptional leaders were driving forces behind the divisions of responsibility and contributed extensively in our transition through the Super App journey. With this structure, we are setting the foundation for greater innovation and future growth to take Careem’s engineering and tech to the next level.”

News Source: Khaleej Times

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