DEWA encourages customers to regularly check water pipes at home

DEWA encourages customers to regularly check water pipes at home

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) encourages customers to have specialist technicians conduct regular inspections of the pipes and plumbing in their houses, buildings and facilities to discover and fix any leaks. This helps prevent waste and reduce costs for customers. The call is part of DEWA’s ‘Let’s make this Summer Green’ campaign, and its efforts to instill a culture of sustainability within society.

Khawla Al Mehairi, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Government Communications at DEWA, said that DEWA’s systems are capable of discovering any faults in external connections before the meters. She added that DEWA is responsible for connections and maintenance up to the meter, while customers are responsible for internal connections after the meter. This applies to all residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Al Mehairi said that the High-Water Usage Alert service, part of the Smart Response initiative, helps customers to discover possible leaks in their water connections after the meter. The system sends notifications to customers if there is an unusual increase in their consumption over two consecutive days, to check the internal plumbing, and repair any leaks with the help of a specialist technician.

DEWA has urged its customers to use specialist companies and use high-quality pipes and materials, while regularly checking to ensure that there are no leaks inside the building. DEWA Store on DEWA’s smart app provides a list of maintenance companies that provide exclusive offers and discounts for DEWA’s customers.

DEWA customers can monitor their consumption through the Smart Living initiative, which provides a digital dashboard to monitor consumption through DEWA’s smart app or website. This helps customers fix any leaks when they notice an unusually high consumption of water to avoid waste and any unnecessary increases in their bills.

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