DEWA's training programmes refine national competencies and young talents

DEWA's training programmes refine national competencies and young talents

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), through its Research and Development Centre (R&D) and Innovation Centre, is working to refine national competencies and young talents and enhance their participation in the clean and renewable energy sector to achieve sustainable development.

DEWA supports the wise leadership vision to consolidate investment in the capabilities, energies, and promising potential of young people, to enhance the competitiveness and position of the UAE and Dubai as a platform for innovation, and a destination for innovators and an incubator for creative minds from around the world.

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD and CEO of DEWA, said,

“We support the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. DEWA has an integrated strategy to prepare Emiratis to hold all technical, engineering, and managerial positions at DEWA. DEWA also continues to attract Emiratis, whether experienced or fresh graduates. It attaches great importance to enriching the youth experience to become active partners in shaping their future, capable of leading the next phase of implementing national strategies, including the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and the Dubai Net Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy 2050 to provide 100 percent of Dubai’s total energy production capacity from clean energy sources by 2050.
DEWA has launched several innovative programmes for the youth to instil a culture of innovation. We provide the youth with needed information, knowledge, and technologies and help them to develop innovative solutions that enhance clean and renewable energy systems. This also speeds up the sustainability and power transformation process,”

he added.

The Innovation Centre launched the Cleantech Youth programme to attract talented young energy leaders from different sectors, and expand their technical and scientific knowledge in clean and renewable energy and entrepreneurship. The programme comprises a wide range of training workshops, specialist education sessions, and field visits to accredited institutions with the participation of academics, specialists and experts with academics, and experts from local and international universities, startups and organisations.

The programme focuses on different areas of clean energy and disruptive technologies. So far, two batches have graduated from the programme. The second batch attracted 25 fresh graduates or undergraduates from 13 accredited universities in the UAE studying in 15 different areas, including science, engineering and others. 145 applications were submitted. The first batch witnessed a large turnout from youth leaders. 25 youth leaders in the energy sector graduated from different UAE universities after presenting innovative capstones as part of the programme.

The R&D Centre, through the Al Baheth programme, contributes to developing Emirati talents and competencies. Thanks to this programme, they can engage in research, competitions, events and training, in cooperation with major international companies and a select group of researchers, academics and international speakers.

So far, the programme has hosted 111 students for internships from 21 different nationalities and 32 local and international universities, to develop their knowledge, and experience and prepare them for the job market. This enhances the Centre’s role in advancing research in energy and water to prepare for future challenges. Since the launch of the Al Baheth programme, the R&D Centre has attracted 15 trainees, including five Emiratis, to join DEWA’s team.

The Al Baheth programme promotes and enhances the culture of research and development, develops professional competencies, and attracts Emirati graduates to work at the R&D Centre and cover its various activities. These include organising seminars, conferences, workshops, training programmes, competitions, field visits, and university and school visits.

The programme provides Emirati talents with the opportunity to participate in the development of projects undertaken by DEWA and its R&D Centre. It also engages local and international universities in R&D by sending the best technical candidates to work with DEWA’s researchers in different areas.

The Tatweer Collaboration Programme launched by the R&D Centre provides a platform for collaboration between R&D and field engineers to develop effective and sustainable solutions to challenges faced by different DEWA divisions. Through their engagement, DEWA’s engineers and employees contribute to continuously improving the organisation’s key operations using innovation and research. Some projects and systems developed by DEWA’s R&D Centre through the Tatweer Collaboration Programme include:

The R&D Centre, in collaboration with Distribution Power, is evaluating systems for monitoring DEWA’s underground cables using Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, state-of-the-art sensor technologies and big data. These systems monitor medium voltage underground distribution networks with predictive analytics, and incipient fault detection evaluating the health and long-term performance of distribution cable circuits in real-time. This effectively prioritises cable repair and replacement to ensure the highest reliability and accountability standards.

The project investigates the Harmonic Voltage and Emissions from on-grid PV Inverters, as such emissions can affect the quality of the electricity network. This project supports DEWA in updating its power quality guidelines and improving the relevant assessment and mitigation techniques of inverter-based installations interfaced with its network.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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