Dubai Chambers hosts awareness workshop to help businesses become more cyber-resilient

Dubai Chambers hosts awareness workshop to help businesses become more cyber-resilient

Dubai Chamber of Commerce, one of the three chambers operating under Dubai Chambers, has hosted a virtual awareness workshop to help businesses become more cyber-resilient.

The online session attracted more than 80 attendees and was conducted in partnership with Dubai Police and Mastercard.

Commenting on the initiative, Mohammed Ali Rashid Lootah, President and CEO of Dubai Chambers, said,

“As our world becomes more interconnected and seamless, cyber threats have become one of the biggest risks to businesses globally. Statistics have proved that as businesses grow, they become more susceptible to cyber-attacks. Given the huge costs involved, it is now more important than ever for companies to ensure their sensitive information is safeguarded against phishing attacks and data breaches.”

Lootah added,

“This webinar comes as part of our efforts to deliver value-added services to our members and offer access to expert advice and support on business-critical matters.”

The virtual session kick-started an extensive programme of workshops and services designed to ensure businesses are properly prepared to navigate the challenges of the digital age.

Participants learned more about the prevalence of cyber threats targeting businesses in Dubai, with guest speakers from Dubai Police and Mastercard providing valuable insights on local and global cybersecurity breaches, as well as discussing solutions and best practices in data security.

First Lieutenant Rashed Ahmed Lootah, Anti-Credit Card Fraud Section, Dubai Police, said,

“Cybersecurity is not only the cornerstone of a resilient digital ecosystem, but also the vital bridge that connects our aspirations to a secure and prosperous digital future. It is not merely a buzzword – it is the embodiment of our commitment to safeguarding innovation, fostering collaboration, and propelling progress in the digital age. Through active participation in webinars focused on cybersecurity, we not only fortify our defences, but also cultivate a culture of cyber resilience.”

Gina Petersen-Skyrme, Vice President and Country Business Development Lead, UAE & Oman, Mastercard, commented,

“As the digital economy grows, so do the intentions of cybercriminals, who are ready to exploit weak links. While just a few years ago, cyber-readiness was important for businesses that wanted to thrive, today it is vital if they want to survive. At Mastercard, we are keen to share our experience and expertise in safeguarding the payments ecosystem through our advanced technology to help companies prepare for cyber-attacks and mitigate risks by identifying data breaches, assessing cyber threats, and acting on insights.”

As part of the workshop, participants were introduced to a special one-year package designed to support companies in evaluating and improving their cyber resilience. Jointly developed by Dubai Chambers and Mastercard, the programme is aimed at enabling companies to access innovative and affordable cybersecurity solutions.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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