Dubai Culture and DCSN partner to support people of determination

Dubai Culture and DCSN partner to support people of determination

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Dubai Center for Special Needs (DCSN) aimed at supporting the emirate’s people of determination, honing their skills and talents, and enhancing their participation in the local cultural scene. This agreement expresses Dubai Culture's commitment to its social responsibility, its role in motivating the public of this category, and its contribution to consolidating Dubai’s status as a friendly city for individuals of determination.

The agreement between Dubai Culture and DCSN reflects the principles of the Dubai government in enhancing cooperation and coordination between local authorities and institutions in a way that supports the realization of Dubai’s ambitious visions, in addition to strengthening the partnership between the two parties to raise the quality of life for people of determination, develop the services provided to them, and exchange experiences. Achieving their diverse aspirations and needs, and motivating them to participate in enriching the local creative sector, by involving the largest possible number of them in the cultural events and activities taking place in Dubai is the methodology being employed.

The agreement defines frameworks for cooperation between the two parties. Dubai Culture will prepare and design DCSN’s internal and external cultural, artistic, and heritage programmes, in addition to conducting surveys and studies to enhance the participation in the activities, exhibitions, and programmes of the authority. The latter will undertake the task of obtaining necessary permits, visas, and required facilities.

Hala Badri, Director General of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, affirmed the importance of the partnerships that Dubai Culture holds with the private sector and centres responsible for raising the quality of life in Dubai, saying:

“Dubai Culture works through its various partnerships to support and enrich the creative scene in Dubai and to unite efforts aimed at creating a sustainable creative environment that leads to the promotion of a culture of participation in community initiatives. Dubai has become an inspiring model in supporting people of determination through adopting many advanced solutions and providing the means of support people of determination need.”

Badri stressed the importance of activating communication channels and its role in meeting the needs and requirements of this group, adding:

“Through our partnership with DCSN, we aim to build a strategic relationship that enables us to activate the participation and presence of people of determination in all fields of the sector, help them unleash their talents and move towards broader horizons, motivate them to be creative, and enable them to overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities.”

Dr Abdullah Al-Khayyat, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said:

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, which represents a significant step towards empowering and enriching people of determination and promoting a more inclusive and diverse society. This partnership is a milestone in the history of the Dubai Center for Special Needs, reinforcing the work we have done to date to enhance the lives of people with disabilities and provide them with new opportunities for creativity, self-expression, and familiarisation of the UAE heritage. With this partnership, we aim to provide inclusive cultural and artistic programs that cater to people with disabilities as part of our continuous efforts towards building a more inclusive society.”

Al-Khayyat added:

“Dubai Center for Special Needs is considered one of the leading centers in the UAE, providing a high standard of education and rehabilitation to People of Determination. DCSN’s goal is to enhance the independence, productivity, and integration of individuals with special needs into society. We are honoured to announce our partnership with Dubai Culture & Arts Authority and believe that together, we can contribute to the empowerment and enrichment of people with disabilities, promote a more inclusive and diverse society, and provide inclusive cultural and artistic programmes that cater to People of Determination.”

Dubai Culture is keen to prepare the infrastructure for its facilities, centres, and cultural and heritage assets, to be suitable for the needs of people of determination and to enable them to visit and benefit from those services.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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