Dubai Customs builds workforce capabilities through 1285 training courses in 6 months

Dubai Customs builds workforce capabilities through 1285 training courses in 6 months

Dubai Customs places utmost importance on training and developing its personnel in various areas of customs work, which has a direct bearing on Dubai’s comprehensive advancement, said Mohammed Al Ghafari, Executive Director of Human Resources Division at Dubai Customs.

“The organisation carried out 1,285 training courses during the first half of this year, including 1,136 online courses and 149 in-person courses, benefiting 1,796 employees,”

he noted.

Al Ghaffari underlined that Dubai Customs’ training centre is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, educational tools and technologies, and consists of a theatre, a library and a competency assessment centre, in addition to wide-ranging online training platforms that support our strategy towards enhancing investment in human capital and building our workforce’s professional and leadership capabilities on par with highest global standards.

During the first six months of 2023, the training centre successfully completed 117 customs-related courses, 170 administrative programmes, 102 leadership programmes, and 906 specialised courses including in data science and artificial intelligence, information security, creativity and innovation, and customer happiness.

“In Dubai Customs we use our accumulated experience to develop a pool of highly-qualified, skilled talents that are capable of reimagining the future of our customs business with focus on delivering a high standard of professionalism and efficiency,”

said Al Ghaffari.

He added that Dubai Customs has provided several innovative online training platforms to meet the training needs of all employees while promoting the culture of cross-departmental collaboration, innovation and teamwork, so that everyone keeps pace with the requirements of Customs work in the present and into the future.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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