Dubai Police Launches 'Summer Without Accidents' Campaign with Free Vehicle Inspections

Dubai Police Launches 'Summer Without Accidents' Campaign with Free Vehicle Inspections

With the onset of scorching summer temperatures, Dubai Police has launched a proactive initiative aimed at reducing road accidents through enhanced vehicle safety checks.

Under the 'Summer Without Accidents' campaign, Dubai Police is offering free car inspections at AutoPro centers across the UAE until the end of August. This initiative aims to ensure vehicle safety during the scorching summer months, addressing key maintenance areas such as air conditioning, tire pressure, and engine health.

Here are the top 10 vehicle health checks included in the free inspection:

  • AC and air filter condition
  • Seat belt functionality
  • Wiper blade condition
  • Windshield washer fluid level
  • Radiator hose integrity
  • Battery health assessment
  • Engine oil and coolant levels
  • Tire pressure evaluation
  • Fluid levels inspection
  • Lights functionality

The initiative is part of the 'Summer Without Accidents' campaign, bolstered by intensified traffic awareness efforts. Dubai Police's Traffic Education Department has been actively educating drivers on tire maintenance and efficiency to prevent accidents.

"Increasing temperatures amplify the risk of accidents,"

cautioned a spokesperson from Dubai Police.

"Regular vehicle check-ups are crucial to mitigating these risks and ensuring road safety."

Abu Dhabi Police echoed these concerns, highlighting a significant increase in accidents attributed to tire bursts in recent years. They also issued warnings about items prone to heat-induced fires left in vehicles, underscoring the need for heightened caution during summer travels.

As summer progresses, authorities urge motorists to adhere to safety guidelines, conduct regular vehicle inspections, and stay informed about preventive measures to safeguard against accidents and ensure a safe journey for all on UAE roads.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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