Dubai Police to Offer Summer Courses in Scuba Diving, Horseback Riding, and Military Training

Dubai Police to Offer Summer Courses in Scuba Diving, Horseback Riding, and Military Training

Dubai Police is set to launch its annual summer courses on July 1, offering students aged 11 to 18 unique opportunities in scuba diving, horseback riding, and military training.

Open to students from all schools and nationalities, the courses aim to instill discipline, organization, and responsibility. This initiative, part of Dubai Police's Hemaya International Center, is designed to equip students with essential social and life skills.

Jincheng Zhou

Jincheng Zhou, a 16-year-old Chinese expat, eagerly anticipates returning to the program he first joined in 2018. Reflecting on his experiences, Zhou shared,

"Initially, I was scared, but I soon grew accustomed to the military exercises and department tours."

His mother, Simin Song, praised the program's impact, noting how it has shaped Zhou into a well-rounded young man considering a police career.

The summer courses also include awareness lectures on drugs, crimes, and misbehavior, benefiting over 525,260 students to date. The International Protection Centre, in collaboration with the General Administration of Narcotics Control, organizes these programs.

Dubai citizens Suhail Ahmed Suhail and Hamad Ahmed Raheem found the diving course particularly enjoyable.

"It taught us a lot about the sea's secrets,"

Suhail remarked, expressing his newfound interest in underwater filming.


Fatima, a young engineering student in a wheelchair, credited the courses for helping her overcome shyness and social anxiety.

"These opportunities have helped me face my challenges,"

she said.

Nichole Ann Philip, an Indian expat, highlighted the discipline and commitment she learned from leading military parades. Her father, S. Philip, noted her transformation from a shy girl to a confident leader.

As the summer courses continue to draw diverse participants, they remain a testament to Dubai Police's commitment to fostering youth development and community engagement.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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