DSC and DWTC host events for elderly citizens in 'Our Sports Summer Initiative'

DSC and DWTC host events for elderly citizens in 'Our Sports Summer Initiative'

Dubai Sports Council (DSC) and Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) have organised a series of entertaining community sports events as part of their "Our Sports Summer Initiative."

These events aim to provide continuous support for elderly citizens and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

The recent sports events took place at the Dubai Sports World courts, with members of Thukher Social Club participating. The Secretary-General of DSC Saeed Hareb, and Mahir AbdulKarim Julfar, the Executive Vice President at DWTC, were also present at the event.

The Thukher Club exhibited impressive performances, defeating DSC in the tug-of-war competition and drawing 4-4 in the football match.

These events motivate the elderly citizens to continue their engagement in sports and social activities, fostering their well-being and allowing them to meet with friends and colleagues.

Hareb expressed his delight at meeting the senior citizens of Thukher Club and emphasised the importance of such events to encourage their active participation. He commended their interaction with their counterparts, highlighting that they can still perform outstandingly.

The collaboration with DWTC and the Community Development Authority played a vital role in organising this event for elderly citizens. They provided suitable facilities and ample spaces at the courts and pitches of Dubai Sports World. As a part of the programme, various activities are held every Wednesday, offering the elderly citizens the opportunity to engage in their favourite sports and enjoy different activities.

Julfar, in turn, emphasised the commitment to continue partnerships and launch similar initiatives throughout the year, focusing on various social classes, particularly on elderly citizens.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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