DSC launches 'Our Sports Summer Initiative' with dedicated program for elderly citizens

DSC launches 'Our Sports Summer Initiative' with dedicated program for elderly citizens

The Dubai Sports Council (DSC), in collaboration with the Community Development Authority, has organised various sport programmes for elderly citizens at the Dubai Sports World as part of the 3rd edition of "Our Sports Summer Initiative".

With over 140 events in 30 sports games spread across more than 94 locations in Dubai, the initiative aims to promote physical activity and encourage society members to embrace sports during summer.

A notable highlight of this year's initiative is the inclusion of a dedicated sports programme tailored to elderly citizens. Launched in collaboration with the Thukher Social Club, the programme offers a range of sports and entertaining activities, along with informative lectures and workshops, scheduled every Wednesday morning.

The primary goal of the elderly citizens' programme is to provide valuable opportunities for senior community members to engage in sports and become acquainted with best practices in nutrition, first aid, and stress management. The initiative's comprehensive approach aims to support their active lifestyles, foster social interactions, and create enjoyable and enriching experiences for them at various sports facilities across Dubai.

The "Our Sports Summer Initiative" boasts an array of sports events, catering to diverse interests. Participants can participate in activities such as beach sports, snow sports, aquatic sports, and women's sports. Moreover, malls in Dubai will host several engaging sports events like basketball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, padel, cricket, skiing, snow hiking, fitness challenges, running, cycling, swimming, futsal, sailing, rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, yoga, esports, aquathlon, karting, powerlifting, boxing, wrestling, bodybuilding, jujitsu, and more.

The initiative offers 40 pitches within an area of 300 thousand square metres. The facilities include 17 courts for badminton, six football pitches, three basketball courts, one cricket court, two padel courts, eight table tennis courts, two tennis courts, two volleyball pitches, and a fitness centre.

The sports activities will continue up to the end of September.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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