Dubai To Introduce Programme to Support Independent Living for University Students

Dubai To Introduce Programme to Support Independent Living for University Students

As the fall semester approaches in August, parents of university-bound students express concerns about the emotional challenges their children may face.

Dubai is set to introduce a new program aimed at preparing college-bound students for independent living. With the upcoming fall semester in August, many parents emphasize that living away from home can pose emotional challenges for students.

It is crucial for tailored programs to address concerns such as homesickness, stress management, establishing social connections, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance specifically targeted towards university-bound students.

Basic life skills like financial management, budgeting, cooking, laundry, and personal hygiene are essential for students to develop self-sufficiency and effectively handle their daily responsibilities as they transition to college life.

Siti Abang, a Malaysian expat, shares her insight on the importance of universities helping students maintain a balanced approach to academics and enjoying life simultaneously. She believes this could be a valuable learning experience.

Parents emphasize the significance of training programs that foster self-awareness, as they can guide students in making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions during their university journey.

Madhulika Chatterjee, another parent, shares her perspective on this critical phase in families' lives. She mentions that certain practical skills, such as cooking, may be unfamiliar to some students. Additionally, teaching them about financial management, grocery shopping, and laundry becomes essential. She acknowledges that while parents cannot teach all of life's lessons, they can prepare their university-bound children for potential experiences, knowing that some lessons will only be learned once they are in that environment.

Developing resilience is of utmost importance

Experts in wellness highlight the significance of building resilience as another crucial aspect of mental preparedness. They stress that university life can be demanding, both academically and socially, and it is essential for students to develop effective coping strategies and seek support when needed.

Girish Hemnani, a Life Coach and Energy Healer based in Dubai, emphasizes the importance of supporting teenagers during this exciting phase. While they may experience a mix of excitement, homesickness, and stress, it is vital for parents to be there for them, actively listening to their concerns, validating their feelings, and providing encouragement. Hemnani emphasizes that parental support can make a significant difference in their overall experience.

He further explains that letting go of control is another aspect of mental preparedness. Although it can be challenging, allowing teenagers to make their own decisions is essential for their personal growth. While they may encounter obstacles and make mistakes along the way, these experiences are invaluable for their development. Hemnani encourages parents to trust that they have equipped their children with the necessary skills and values to navigate challenges independently.

Pre-university workshops aim to empower

Unihawk is preparing to introduce a pre-university workshop series starting from June 23. These workshops will take place over one weekend each month and will cover a range of practical topics to equip students with essential skills. The program aims to address various areas such as embracing change, goal setting, time management, meal planning, nutrition, and financial management.

In addition to practical aspects, the workshops will also tackle important emotional issues that are often overlooked, including social assimilation, stress management, sleep, and mental health. Furthermore, subjects such as substance misuse and addiction will be addressed, offering students valuable insights.

Targeted at students aged 16 and above, the workshops will be led by a team of mentors. Sheetal Ramchandani, an Integrated Nutrition and Functional Medicine Health Coach involved in the program, explains that the inspiration for this initiative came from her own experience as a mother. Recognizing the challenges her son faced when transitioning to college, she realized the need to provide students with the necessary tools to navigate university life successfully.

The program was also shaped based on feedback from college students who expressed the desire to have learned certain skills and knowledge prior to attending university. For instance, financial management and budgeting were highlighted as crucial aspects by Rose, a student at the University of Waterloo. Similarly, Yash, who moved to the US to study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, expressed the importance of time management and self-discipline for independent studying.

The pre-university workshops aim to address these needs and provide students with the knowledge and resources to navigate their university journey with confidence and competence.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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