Dubai's Global Village Initiates Business Owner Registration Process

Dubai's Global Village Initiates Business Owner Registration Process

The destination provides comprehensive support to its partners, encompassing various areas such as aid with staff visas, customs procedures for imported products, storage facilities, registration processes, and the provision of electronic payment terminals for sub-lessees.

After successfully concluding its 27th season, Dubai's Global Village achieved an extraordinary milestone by hosting a staggering 9 million visitors. As the park gears up for its upcoming season, it extends a warm invitation to traders, small business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs to participate in the vibrant multicultural environment. To express their interest in the opportunities presented by Season 28, interested individuals can conveniently register through the park's online business portal.

Ali Al Hashimi, the Director of Commercial & Sponsorship, highlighted that Global Village presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and larger international companies to realize their ambitions and transform business ideas into lasting success. Acting as an economic catalyst in the region, Global Village fosters innovation and serves as a launching platform for fresh ideas in various sectors. This includes the organization of country pavilions, creative street food concepts, unique food carts, specialty restaurants, coffee shops, retail outlets, service providers focused on enhancing guest experiences, and new attractions. With a commitment to introducing innovative concepts to Dubai, Global Village simplifies the process for both new and established business owners, empowering them to expand their presence, boost their revenue, and achieve a favorable return on investment.

As the proposal submission process opens categorically, the first, Pavilions, launched today.

"Throughout the years, Pavilion partners have experienced remarkable returns on investment, with a number of them consistently participating for consecutive seasons spanning over a decade. Global Village’s commitment to supporting its partners in every way possible has cemented it as a dependable and reputable ally for individuals and enterprises seeking to enhance their market presence within the region,"

it said.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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