Enhanced Convenience for COP28 Visitors: Dubai Unveils 6 New Initiatives

Enhanced Convenience for COP28 Visitors: Dubai Unveils 6 New Initiatives

Eco-friendly modes of transport will facilitate smooth access within the venue for participants.

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has mapped out a comprehensive plan ahead of COP28, making travel easier, faster, and cost-effective for residents.

The leading global event is scheduled to take place at Expo City Dubai from 30 November to 12 December.

As part of its plan, RTA will provide transportation across the Blue Zone for official delegations and the Green Zone for representatives of businesses and the public, as well as the 18th United Nation Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY18) participants.

Additionally, eco-friendly modes of transport will facilitate smooth access within the venue.

To ensure mobility management and a smooth flow of traffic, RTA will be utilizing various transit modes such as the Dubai Metro, Dubai Bus, and taxis at the event site.

Special edition nol cards have been introduced for COP28 delegates, allowing them to use public transportation in the country for free during the conference.

Metro timings

The Dubai Metro will serve as a key transportation medium during the climate conference, with Expo 2020 Metro Station serving as the primary access point.

During the conference period, the RTA will extend metro operating hours to 5 am until 1 am the following day.

Additionally, participants can avail free multi-level car parking facilities at stations such as Centrepoint, Etisalat by e&, and Jebel Ali Station.

Buses and taxis

The plan includes 67 biofuel-powered buses, complemented by 10 electric buses, to serve visitors at four stops within Expo City Dubai.

Additionally, RTA has introduced new bus routes to transport delegates and organizers to locations such as JBR, Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta, and other key areas in the city.

To avoid any confusion, RTA has installed over 100 directional road signs guiding motorists to the conference site.

Taxi users can look forward to over 10,000 hybrid taxis and 1,000 electric luxury vehicles. Four designated stops within Expo City, located at Opportunity Gate, Mobility Gate, Sustainability Gate, and the Metro Gate, facilitate easy access for these vehicles.

Youth and climate

In a move to support youth initiatives in climate action, RTA has issued complimentary 'pre-charged' nol cards to young participants attending the conference.

Conference visitors can obtain a nol card and download the 'S’hail' app to identify the easiest and fastest route to reach the conference venue.

The RTA has invited young participants to use public transportation as a sustainable way of appreciating the scenery of Dubai while contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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