Expo 2020 Dubai celebrates Saudi Arabia’s valuable contribution to the event

Expo 2020 Dubai celebrates Saudi Arabia’s valuable contribution to the event

In honor of the 90th Saudi National Day on 23rd September, Expo 2020 Dubai is celebrating the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s "significant" contribution to the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, MEASA, region, and the largest event ever to be held in the Arab world.

Mohamed Al Ansaari, Vice President, Communications, Expo 2020 Dubai, said,

"As Saudi Arabia commemorates its 90th National Day on 23rd September, it is very exciting to note the Kingdom’s significant contributions to Expo 2020, which starts in October next year.

Its Country Pavilion, resembling a huge window opening up from the ground and soaring into the sky, will offer a peek into how the Kingdom is shaping both its own and the world’s future. It will take visitors on an immersive journey that also demonstrates Saudi Arabia’s welcoming character and rich culture.

The next World Expo provides the ideal platform for the Kingdom to share its heritage and the creativity of its young, dynamic population to a global audience. With more than 190 participating countries, Expo 2020 is also an opportunity to convene the international community in a spirit of hope and optimism, and Saudi Arabia will play an important role in innovating and collaborating with the world to help shape a better future for all."

With its theme ‘The sky is the limit’, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion resembles a huge window opening up from the ground and soaring into the sky. It will offer visitors an immersive journey that glimpses into the Kingdom’s glittering future and also demonstrates the country’s welcoming character and deep-rooted culture.

Measuring more than 13,000 square metres, which is approximately the size of two football pitches, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion will be the second largest at Expo 2020 Dubai, after the UAE Pavilion, and is located in the Opportunity District.

The pavilion’s exhibition will highlight the Kingdom’s openness to businesses and tourists, and a desire to build links and collaborate with other nations to create a better world for everyone.

Saudi nationals make up a vital component of the workforce at Expo 2020, employed across the Expo organization in a variety of departments, including Communications, IFT, International Participants, the Expo School Programme and the Director General’s Office.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will reactivate its volunteering campaign in October 2020 in partnership with the Emirates Foundation. The initiative aims to attract an estimated 1,000 Saudi nationals to take part in the pavilion for the duration of the World Expo from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

Expo Live, Expo 2020’s global innovation and partnership programme that supports projects with innovative, creative solutions making a real impact on people’s lives and helping communities around the world build a brighter future – began in 2016. It has since expanded from 29 Global Innovators in 22 countries to 140 grantees across 76 countries, with each offered funding of up to AED367,000 (SAR 374,745), providing expert advice and the opportunity to share their ideas with a global audience.

To date, the programme supports more than 20 social entrepreneurs hailing from Arab nations. This includes the Saudi Arabia-based mental health app Labayh, which focuses on protecting patient identity by offering anonymous audio calls and in-app messaging, making it easier to reach professional consultants anywhere, anytime; and the Saudi Arabia-based YNMO platform and app, designed by clinicians, for clinicians. This SaaS (software as a service) solution allows users to design, monitor, store and share individualized treatment plans, enabling clinicians to be more efficient and effective when creating care plans and helping to improve the quality of rehabilitation and educational services for people with disabilities in Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom’s first World Expo participation was at Expo 1958 in Brussels. Since then, Saudi Arabia has actively participated in World and Specialized Expos. The Kingdom joined the BIE in 2007 and was rewarded with a Silver Award for pavilion design at Specialized Expo 2008 Zaragoza, as well as a Gold Award at World Expo 2010 Shanghai.

News Source: http://wam.ae/en/details/1395302871877

Photo by David Rodrigo on Unsplash

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