Expo 2020 Dubai recognized for generating innovative ideas for education

Expo 2020 Dubai recognized for generating innovative ideas for education

Italian Education Undersecretary Rossano Sasso stated that Expo 2020 Dubai was generating "innovative ideas" for education that "the political world must consider".

Rossano Sasso was accompanied by Italy's Expo Commissioner Paolo Glisenti as he visited the Italian pavilion. Sasso said,

"The political sphere must keep up with the times and what we offer in terms of education and training must be up to that of the rest of the world."

Sasso expressed "pride" at the Italy pavilion, saying it showed the country's "tradition, innovation, richness and culture", thanking the Commissioner Glisenti for the excellent job.

"I discovered many things during the visit, but the best thing is the young volunteers, 60 male and female Italian students who bear witness to our greatness. I felt proud to be Italian today."

Returning to the innovative ideas on education to emerge at Expo, he said,

"We absolutely must upgrade what we offer."

"When I was speaking to the commissioner, I explained that I was honoured to be the first signatory of legislation that abolished the 1938 royal decree and finally makes a double degree possible in Italy too."

"Whereas previously a student who wanted to study engineering and medicine at the same time had to go abroad, it has been possible for some weeks to do this in Italy too.

"But this is just one small element to show the whole political world that Italy must move fast because the rest of the world is a train that is moving forward."

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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