Financial Audit Authority hosts workshop on anti-fraud framework promoting transparency and integrity

Financial Audit Authority hosts workshop on anti-fraud framework promoting transparency and integrity

In the presence of Abdulrahman Al-Hareb, Director-General of Financial Audit Authority (FAA), the FAA organised an introductory workshop on the Anti-Fraud Framework at the Mohammed bin Rashid Library, witnessing significant participation and active engagement.

The workshop was conducted around the recently launched Framework and tailored for audited entities, aiming to showcase the Authority's unwavering commitment to promoting accountability and sound management practices across the auditees.

Additionally, it sought to create an environment that is highly motivated for control and risk management, featuring transparency and integrity.

Mana AlHemeiri, Director of Financial and Administrative Violations Department at FAA, and Aboelnasr Othman, Director of the Legal Affairs Department at FAA, delivered a comprehensive explanation highlighting the Anti-fraud Framework's significance, as designed to meet the top global standards and international best practices.

They emphasised the Framework's role in identifying, detecting, and addressing fraud risks, protecting public funds, and maintaining of the auditees’ interests and their sustainability.

The said representatives provided a thorough review of the key aspects, policies, strategies, and relevant legislative procedures, offering clarity on the framework's features and the role of auditees.

The presentations included a detailed explanation of the Framework's main components, covering the forms and types of fraud, reasons, and motivations behind it, as well as the methods to address fraud risks.

During the workshop, Al-Hareb stated,

"Today's introductory workshop witnessed significant participation from the representatives of the auditees, reflecting the importance of the Authority's efforts in promoting awareness and providing relevant information and clarifications to enhance transparency and integrity, combat financial and administrative corruption, and support audited entities in implementing sound management practices to protect public funds."

The workshop concluded with an interactive session, allowing participants to engage in discussions, seek clarifications, and raise inquiries related to the Anti-Fraud Framework.

Attendees expressed their appreciation for the valuable insights shared during the session and commended the exceptional efforts of the Financial Audit Authority in Dubai.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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