Floral Fantasy: Where to Buy the Freshest Flowers in Dubai

Floral Fantasy: Where to Buy the Freshest Flowers in Dubai

Flower shops have always been popular destinations for those looking to beautify their homes or get a meaningful gift for a loved one. Simply taking a step into a flower shop becomes an immersive and unique experience, with the aromas of fresh blooms filling the air and vibrant colors captivating your eyes. Beyond the aesthetics, flower shops allow you to communicate in a silent language; offering various flowers with different meanings and symbolism. Each floral arrangement, bouquet, and potted plant tells a story and lets you convey your emotions without even saying a word.

With the spring season approaching and Valentine's Day around the corner, flower shops are buzzing with activity as people seek out the perfect blooms to express their love and appreciation. Whether it's a classic bouquet of red roses or an arrangement of wildflowers, flower shops offer endless options to create a heartfelt and personalized gift.

As the Dubai sun starts to cool down and the weather becomes more pleasant, residents are eager to embrace the outdoors and the beautiful nature of the city. And in a city as opulent as Dubai, you can't have just any regular flower shops. Imagine orchids in a glass vase dipped in 24-karat gold or arrangements from rare and exotic flowers imported from all around the world. In addition to these luxurious high-end bouquets, you can create your own custom floral arrangement complete with a personalized message, and you can even have it delivered right to your loved ones' doorstep! So, whether you want to make a grand romantic gesture or just a simple act of kindness, the beauty and symbolism of flowers make them a timeless way to show someone you care.

Here are the top flower shops in the city to get the perfect bouquet!

800 Flower

800Flower has been in the game for over 15 years. The Dubai-based floral store has established itself as one of the leading flower shops in the country. Committed to sourcing only the freshest and highest quality flowers directly from growers, 800Flower is ensuring sustainable delivery and reasonable prices for customers. They carefully choose the best flowers for each season, so you can be sure that your order will be delivered on time and with the freshest blooms of the month.

The company is more than just a flower shop; it strives to make the experience of sending flowers a memorable and enjoyable one for both the sender and the recipient. They store their flowers in optimal environments to maintain their freshness, and each order is treated with love and attention to detail.

Whether you're looking for a stunning bouquet for a wedding, a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or just a simple arrangement to brighten up your home or office, 800Flower has you covered. With their wide range of designs and impeccable service, they are sure to exceed your expectations every time.

Location: Branches in Dubai Marina and The Palm Jumeirah


  • From 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Monday to Thursday
  • From 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM on Friday to Sunday

Contact: 04-273-3070

Price: From 110 AED

Forever Rose

Nothing is more sad than watching your gorgeous roses wilt and die. This is why Ebraheem Al Samadi, who you may recognize from Netflix's Dubai Bling, founded Forever Rose: the world's first-ever long-lasting roses. Forever Rose was a groundbreaking concept that completely revolutionized the floral industry.

The brand's signature roses are carefully handpicked from the mineral-rich volcanic soils of Ecuador in South America. These roses are grown using sustainable farming practices that ensure the highest quality of blooms without harming the environment. The roses' petals grow up to ten times thicker and five times larger than other blooms available on the market, making them truly unique.

Symbolizing everlasting love and commitment, Forever Roses are the perfect gifts for your loved ones. The brand offers a wide range of colors and arrangements to suit every taste and style, allowing you to express your emotions in a meaningful and beautiful way. With their long-lasting nature, Forever Roses will continue to remind your loved ones of your affection for years to come.

Location: Branches in Dubai Mall and Al Wasl


  • From 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Monday to Thursday
  • From 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM on Friday to Sunday

Contact: 050-605-9881

Price: From 535 AED is a premier online flower shop that has established itself as the UAE's number-one choice for sending fresh and beautiful flowers. The online store offers a wide range of flowers that can be delivered anywhere in and around the world. Be it a birthday, an anniversary, or any other special occasion, has the perfect flowers and gifts to send to your loved ones and make their day extra special. The local florists carefully handpick the freshest blooms and craft them into stunning arrangements that are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. With, you can be sure that you are sending the very best flowers.

Location: Jumeirah

Timings: 24/7

Contact: 04-718-1991

Price: From 245 AED

Flower Station

Flower Station is a highly reputed online flower shop based in Dubai that specializes in providing a diverse range of exquisite bouquets, boxes, baskets, forever roses, and dried flowers for various occasions. Their offerings are not just limited to flowers, as they also offer add-ons like greeting cards, chocolates, balloons, scented candles, and teddy bears, providing you with a one-stop shop for all your gifting needs.

Their team of expert florists understands that every occasion is special and unique, and therefore, they offer a wide selection of flowers for all occasions, from classic roses to exotic orchids, ensuring that you can find the perfect blooms for your event. They pride themselves on their ability to create stunning flower arrangements that are customized to your preferences, making your special day unforgettable.

Location: Dubai Investment Park

Timings: From 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily

Contact: 058-890-7788

Price: From 210 AED

Maison des Fleurs

Literally translating to "House of Flowers", this flower shop is a one-stop destination for all your floral needs. Maison Des Fleurs is more than just a place to buy flowers; they are committed to making your special moments, anniversaries, and holidays even more memorable. They offer a wide range of services that cater to your unique needs and preferences. From elegant orchid boxes to long-lasting roses, Maison Des Fleurs is your ultimate destination for all things floral.

Their team of highly skilled florists sources only the freshest, highest quality flowers from around the world, ensuring that your arrangements are always vibrant and long-lasting. Whether you're looking for a beautifully crafted bouquet, a stunning centerpiece, or a unique gift for a loved one, Maison Des Fleurs is your house of flowers, dedicated to making your event unforgettable.

Location: Multiple branches including D3, Dubai Mall, and JBR

Timings: From 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Contact: 04-276-5886

Price: From 445 AED

Gorgeous Flowers Co.

The Gorgeous Flower Company was founded by Samantha Middleton, a passionate florist, in 2014. This company is dedicated to providing high-quality and fresh flowers to its customers and has been committed to delivering fresh-cut flowers since its inception.

Along with the countless arrangement options, the company also offers a service known as the Subscription Flower Service. As the name suggests, you can receive various flowers at any time of the month, as many times as you prefer. This allows customers to place regular orders at even better prices.

With years of experience and dedication to providing quality products, The Gorgeous Flower Company is the perfect choice for customers who want the best quality flowers.

Location Multiple branches including The Meadows Souk, Arabian Ranches, and Dubai Studio City

Timings: From 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily

Contact: 050-918-7165 (Meadows Souk) / 050-299-3989 (Arabian Ranches) / 058-900-1905 (Studio City)

Price: From 225 AED

If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy place to buy flowers for your loved ones, BloomingBox is the place to be. As the name suggests, BloomingBox specializes in providing large and beautiful boxes filled with the freshest flowers, perfect for gifting to someone special. The company offers a wide variety of arrangements to choose from, ensuring that each box is carefully curated to suit your specific needs and preferences. With stunning and eye-catching presentations, each flower box is sure to make a lasting impression. No matter what the occasion is, BloomingBox has got you covered with its vast selection of flower arrangements.

Location: Al Quoz Industrial

Timings: 24/7

Contact: 800-929

Price: From 250 AED

Plaisir Cadeaux et Fleurs

Plaisir Cadeaux et Fleurs is a highly rated flower shop located in Dubai. They specialize in providing a wide range of high-quality floral arrangements and gifts. They are committed to providing fresh and beautiful flowers for any occasion, ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether you're looking for flowers to celebrate a special occasion or to brighten up your home, Plaisir Cadeaux et Fleurs has got you covered. They offer a broad selection of flowers and floral arrangements, ranging from classic roses and lilies to vibrant sunflowers. They are the perfect choice for anyone looking for corporate flowers, customized gift sets, or floral arrangements to make any occasion more memorable.

Location: Al Thanya


  • From 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Monday to Friday
  • From 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday

Contact: 04-258-4747

Price: From 110 AED

Blush Petals

Blush Petals is a premier online flower delivery shop in Dubai that offers a wide range of vibrant blooms sourced from around the world. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, Blush Petals delivers beautiful arrangements that exceed expectations. Their website allows customers to effortlessly convey heartfelt sentiments through their meticulously crafted arrangements. The shop offers seamless online ordering, ensuring swift and pristine flower delivery in Dubai. Blush Petals is the top choice for ordering flowers online in the UAE, offering a diverse collection beyond roses. They offer same-day flower delivery in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, and Fujairah, simplifying the process of conveying sentiments to loved ones.

Location: Dubai Marina

Timings: 24/7

Contact: 04-570-6938

Price: From 160 AED

Darcey Flowers

Darcey Flowers is a highly reputable and well-known luxury flower shop. The store offers a wide range of floral arrangements and bouquets created by skilled florists who have an eye for detail, creativity, and quality. Darcey Flowers is dedicated to providing same-day flower delivery services to customers across the UAE, ensuring that their clients receive fresh and stunning flowers on time.

The florist shop is not only popular for catering to private, corporate, and large-scale events, but also for its variety of gift options, including birthday gifts, anniversary flowers, bridal bouquets, and more. Darcey Flowers is also highly renowned for its same-day flower delivery all around the Emirates. Their efficient delivery service and dedication to customer satisfaction make them a reliable choice for events and weddings.

Whether it’s a romantic gesture or a grand celebration, Darcey Flowers ensures that their clients receive the best floral arrangements and gifts to make their special moments even more memorable.

Location: Al Quoz and City Walk

Timings: From 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Contact: 800-327-239

Price: From 310 AED

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