Apps for Food Delivery in Dubai: Deliveroo, Talabat & More

Apps for Food Delivery in Dubai: Deliveroo, Talabat & More

Dubai has embraced a culinary revolution that fits perfectly into its fast-paced lifestyle: food delivery apps. By offering unparalleled convenience, diverse culinary options, and seamless user experiences, these platforms have become essential tools for residents and visitors seeking to explore the flavors of Dubai from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Explore the dynamic world of food delivery apps in Dubai.

The Rise of Food Delivery Apps in Dubai

The bustling lifestyle of Dubai, coupled with a diverse population from all corners of the globe, has created a fertile ground for food delivery apps to thrive. From local Emirati cuisine to international delicacies, these platforms cater to various tastes and preferences.

Initially driven by the convenience-seeking habits of its cosmopolitan residents, these apps quickly gained traction as indispensable tools for exploring Dubai’s diverse culinary scene. As the city's population grew more tech-savvy and time-conscious, food delivery apps emerged not just as a convenience but as a transformative force, connecting consumers with a vast array of restaurants and cuisines at the touch of a button.

This surge was further propelled by the apps' ability to offer seamless ordering, reliable delivery services, and a platform for both established eateries and up-and-coming chefs to showcase their offerings.

From local favorites to global cuisines, Dubai's popular food delivery apps cater to every palate, ensuring that whether you crave traditional Emirati dishes or exotic delicacies, a world of culinary delights is just a few clicks away. Here are some of the popular food delivery apps in Dubai.


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Deliveroo has revolutionized food delivery by connecting consumers directly with their favorite local restaurants. It operates as a hyperlocal marketplace, seamlessly integrating consumers, restaurants, and riders to fulfill orders swiftly, often within 30 minutes. The platform's success lies in its fast and reliable delivery, enhanced by real-time tracking capabilities that ensure a smooth experience. Powered by intelligent machine learning algorithms like the Frank algorithm, Deliveroo optimizes delivery routes and enhances service efficiency.

Beyond restaurants, Deliveroo has diversified its offerings to include on-demand grocery delivery, collaborating with major retailers like Co-op and Carrefour. Since its inception, Deliveroo has expanded globally, operating in 10 markets and partnering with over 160,000 restaurants and grocers worldwide.

Inception: Originally founded in London in 2013 and expanded to UAE in 2015.



Image Source: Caterer Middle East

Talabat has evolved into a pioneering force in online food ordering across the GCC region. Headquartered in Kuwait and operating in seven countries including the UAE, Talabat offers a seamless platform for customers to discover, order, and enjoy meals from a diverse range of restaurants. Talabat simplifies the dining experience with features like comprehensive menu browsing, customizable orders, and options for both online payment and cash on delivery. They also provide advanced tracking, swift delivery, and in-app communication with riders.

Beyond food, Talabat has expanded its services to include groceries, flowers, pharmaceuticals, and more. Their Talabat Mart, a quick-commerce grocery store, promises delivery within 30 minutes, available 24/7. As the largest food delivery and grocery platform in the region, Talabat operates in Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, and Jordan.

Inception: Originally founded in Kuwait in 2004 and expanded to UAE in 2012.



Image Source: The National

Careem has established itself as a multifaceted service platform across the Middle East. Careem's food delivery service offers access to a vast array of cuisines, from popular choices like Chinese and pizza to healthier options, all accessible through their user-friendly app. With partnerships extending to over 9,000 restaurants in Dubai alone, Careem ensures that users can satisfy their cravings with 24/7 delivery service.

Originating as a ride-hailing service, Careem has expanded its scope to include seamless solutions for ordering food, and groceries, managing payments, and more. Operating across 70 cities spanning 10 countries from Morocco to Pakistan, Careem's acquisition by Uber in 2019 for $3.1 billion USD marked a milestone in regional tech innovation, enhancing its capabilities and talent pool.

Inception: 2012



Image Source: LinkedIn

Cari stands out in Dubai's competitive food delivery market as a pioneering platform that prioritizes fairness and efficiency for both customers and restaurants alike. Unlike traditional services, Cari operates on a 0% commission model, thereby ensuring restaurants retain their profits without additional fees on every order. This unique approach not only attracts a diverse range of restaurants but also translates into cost savings for customers, who enjoy fast, on-demand deliveries averaging just 30 minutes without any extra charges.

Cari guarantees an exceptional dining experience with streamlined ordering, transparent pricing identical to dine-in rates, and a wide selection of cuisines. Exclusive deals, including free delivery for late-night cravings, add value, while efficient logistics ensure prompt deliveries with real-time tracking. The app has successfully launched in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and is now accessible in the UAE.

Inception: Initially launched in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in 2022 and expanded to UAE in 2023.



EatEasy provides an efficient, enjoyable, and straightforward method for ordering food throughout the UAE. The EatEasy mobile app, available for free download, connects users to over 10,000 restaurants, offering a wide variety of cuisines. Its fully automated model, with minimal human intervention, ensures a seamless and pleasant ordering experience, even accommodating specific requests such as ‘shallow fried, not deep’. The app features attractive offers, food images, the ability to add comments to orders, and the option to place advance orders. These services are provided at no additional cost. Additionally, users can earn Easy Points, which unlock exclusive offers.

EatEasy is available in both English and Arabic and serves the entire UAE. Partnered with renowned restaurants such as Zaatar W Zeit, Operation Falafel, and Messy Burger, EatEasy offers new customers a 50% discount on their first order with the code EASY50.

Inception: 2013


Noon Food

Image Source: noon

Noon Food is a burgeoning food delivery marketplace integrated within the renowned e-commerce platform, As a leader in digital marketplaces across Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt, Noon offers incredible value across multiple categories with exceptional service. Aiming to make quality dining experiences more accessible and affordable, Noon Food extends this excellence into the food and beverage delivery sector.

The platform is designed to grow the food delivery market through user-friendly technology and fair pricing. Fast and efficient delivery is a hallmark of Noon Food, bringing favorite meals to customers’ doorsteps promptly. Additionally, the platform boasts the lowest commission rates in the region, supporting restaurants with fair pricing and helping them thrive. With unbeatable discounts and exclusive offers on a wide array of cuisines and dishes, Noon Food ensures that customers can enjoy diverse culinary experiences without breaking the bank.

Inception: 2021



Image Source: Caterer Middle East

The Smiles UAE app by e& is a versatile platform designed to enhance convenience and affordability for users across the UAE. With a focus on food delivery, users can order meals from a diverse range of restaurants, ensuring quick and easy access to their favorite dishes. Smiles UAE also encompasses a wide array of other services, offering various deals and discounts across multiple categories to help users save on everyday expenses. By consolidating these diverse services into one user-friendly platform, Smiles UAE aims to simplify and economize daily life, making it a go-to app for those seeking efficiency and cost savings in their routine activities.

Beyond food, Smiles UAE extends its services to grocery shopping, partnering with over 500 retailers to provide seamless delivery of grocery essentials right to users' doorsteps. Smiles points accumulated when paying e& bills can be redeemed while shopping through the app.

Inception: 2021


Eat Clean

Image Source: Eat Clean

Eat Clean emerges as a transformative solution in Dubai's dynamic urban environment, where maintaining a healthy diet amidst busy schedules can be daunting. Their meals emphasize a plant-rich, nutrient-dense composition, ensuring comprehensive nutritional intake without omitting essential food groups, thereby promoting sustainable and healthy dietary habits. Eat Clean offers personalized nutrition plans designed to support diverse health goals, whether focused on weight loss, muscle gain, or overall well-being. This innovative service delivers freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced meals directly to your doorstep each morning, eliminating the complexities of meal planning, shopping, and preparation.

Clients benefit from a range of flexible subscription plans, including the option to initiate with a weekly commitment before transitioning to longer-term arrangements. Eat Clean further enhances customer experience with accessible daily support through WhatsApp.

Inception: 2017


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