Savoring Sustainability: Top Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Dubai You Need to Visit

Savoring Sustainability: Top Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Dubai You Need to Visit

Dubai's culinary landscape is as diverse as its skyline, reflecting a melting pot of cultures and influences from around the globe. Dubai has embraced a quieter, yet significant trend in its culinary scene: farm-to-table dining. This movement, which emphasizes locally sourced ingredients and sustainable practices, has gained traction in recent years as residents and visitors seek healthier, fresher, and more environmentally conscious dining options.

Farm-to-Table Concept

The farm-to-table concept revolves around the idea of sourcing food directly from local farms and producers, thereby ensuring freshness, quality, and sustainability in every ingredient. By shortening the supply chain between farms and restaurants, this approach emphasizes transparency and supports local economies while reducing environmental impact.

Along with promoting seasonal eating, it allows diners to enjoy food at its peak flavor and nutritional value. These restaurants often showcase regional specialties and nurture a deeper connection between consumers and the origins of their food. Farm-to-table dining not only prioritizes freshness and taste but also embodies a commitment to responsible agriculture practices and community support.

Explore some of the notable farm-to-table restaurants that have carved a niche in Dubai's vibrant food culture.

BOCA Downtown

Image Source: TripAdvisor

BOCA is a modern Spanish restaurant celebrated for its commitment to sustainability. Awarded a MICHELIN Green Star and listed in the 2023 MICHELIN Guide Dubai, BOCA is renowned for its use of locally sourced, seasonal produce and its eco-friendly practices.

The restaurant sources fresh, market-selected vegetables, seafood, and seasonal produce from local and responsible producers, ensuring that every dish is both delicious and environmentally friendly. BOCA’s in-house mixologists have also created a cocktail list that ranks among Dubai’s most exotic, with a focus on reducing waste. The restaurant operates a demand-driven inventory, refuses single-use plastics, and continuously audits its operations to minimize waste.

BOCA features in the 50Best Discovery list and has won the Gault&Millau 2023 UAE “Sustainable Kitchen of the Year” award, cementing its reputation as a leader in sustainable dining.

Visit their website to see their extensive menu including food, wine, and cocktails.

Location: Dubai International Financial Centre

Opening hours: 12 pm to 3 am

Average pricing for two: AED460

Dibba Bay

Image Source: What's On

Dibba Bay is renowned for its exclusive oyster offerings as the Middle East's only oyster farm. It features two farm-to-table venues: a rustic farm shop at Jumeirah Fishing Harbour and a full restaurant at Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort.

These locally sourced delicacies are served in three sizes and can be enjoyed raw or grilled, accompanied by a selection of signature sauces and toppings. Whether opting for the simplicity of Dibba Bay's shallot vinaigrette or exploring more adventurous flavors like the lemongrass and coconut Thai Kick, every bite promises a burst of freshness and quality. The menu also includes locally smoked salmon, UAE farm-produced burrata, and artisanal bread.

Visit the website to learn more about their Reef Creation Project in Dibba, Fujairah.


Jumeirah Fishing Harbour

Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort, Dubai Marina

Opening hours: 12 pm to 10 pm

Average pricing for two: AED200


Image Source: Hotel News ME

Located in the artistic neighborhood of Dubai, Cassette is a Parisian-style restaurant renowned for its sustainable ethos. The founder has integrated sustainability deeply into every aspect of Cassette.

The restaurant uses reclaimed materials in its design, opts for plastic-free straws and plant-based disposables, and sources organic, local ingredients to reduce carbon footprints and support farmers. Cassette minimizes food wastage by managing portions and preparing all meals from scratch.

This commitment to sustainability not only enhances the dining experience with fresh, seasonal menus but also positions Cassette as a leader in eco-friendly dining practices in the region.

Visit their website to check out their menu.

Location: The Courtyard, Al Quoz

Opening hours: 8 am to 6 pm

Average pricing for two: AED230


Located in Dubai’s Jameel Arts Centre, Teible is a restaurant that embraces a farm-to-table philosophy emphasizing sustainability, seasonality, simplicity, and integrity. It sources 85 to 90 percent of its ingredients locally from the UAE and the MENA region.

More than a restaurant, Teible educates diners about locally grown produce in a minimalist setting. It fosters a deep connection with regional food systems. Inspired by Nordic culinary principles, its menu showcases fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from small-scale farms and regional suppliers.

The gastronomic experience at Teible offers the best of UAE's culinary offerings while prioritizing sustainability through eco-friendly practices to reduce food waste and environmental impact.

Visit their website to learn more about their mission.

Location: Jameel Arts Centre, Jaddaf Waterfront

Opening hours: 10 am to 5 pm, 6 pm to 9 pm; The restaurant is open until 10 pm on weekends.

Average pricing for two: AED200


Image Source: Jumeirah

Nestled amidst lush greenery and organic herb gardens, Arcadia at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is a culinary destination that has embraced the farm-to-table concept.

Featuring an outdoor country-style kitchen with a long dining table, Arcadia offers healthy salads and barbecue grills crafted from its onsite urban hydroponic farm. This 55-square-meter farm produces over 30 varieties of leafy greens and herbs monthly, ensuring the freshest ingredients for the resort's signature restaurants.

Beyond dining, Arcadia hosts Chef's tables, cooking classes, and private 'Dine under the stars' dinners, fostering intimate and immersive culinary experiences. Emphasizing sustainability, the hydroponic farm minimizes water use by up to 90% and reduces carbon footprints, enhancing the resort's commitment to responsible food sourcing.

Visit their website to book a healthy dining experience.

Location: Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, The Palm Jumeirah

Entry is based on reservations only.

Average pricing for two: AED690

Harvest & Co

Image Source: Caterer Middle East

Harvest & Co. at Dubai Garden Centre blends rustic charm with modern aesthetics, set in Al Quoz. This 'greenhouse' restaurant features a vibrant, open kitchen where fresh, locally sourced produce shines.

Known for its farm-to-table ethos, the menu boasts pantry staples like jams and chutneys alongside home-baked goods. Notable menu items include wholesome dishes like herb-seasoned scrambled eggs on sourdough toast and decadent treats like chocolate porridge made with Valrhona chocolate, black cherries, whipped bananas, and vanilla cream.

This commitment to quality, from farm-fresh ingredients to artisanal beverages, ensures that every visit to Harvest & Co. is not only a culinary delight but also a celebration of sustainable and wholesome dining.

Location: Dubai Garden Centre, Al Qouz Industrial Area 3

Opening hours: 8 am to 6 pm

Average pricing for two: AED120

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