8 Essential Services in Dubai You Can Enjoy Without Leaving Home

8 Essential Services in Dubai You Can Enjoy Without Leaving Home

This list does not include things that have long been a part of everyday life in the city like getting groceries or food delivered at any hour of the day.

Dubai is a city that offers many larger-than-life luxuries to its residents and visitors. From being able to dine at a height of 50 metres in the sky to getting a chopper instead of a cab to take you around town, this city has jaw-dropping services to offer.

However, what makes this emirate truly luxurious is that its residents don't ever have to leave home to get things done. While it does offer the more obvious luxuries of being able to get groceries or food delivered at any hour, there are many other things that make life here better.

So, here is a list of things that you can get done – without having to step foot out of your home:

Pet grooming

Gone are the days when your pet excitedly looks at your car whenever you take them for a grooming session.

Now, many pet groomers around the city offer a service where a pick up and drop off can be arranged for your pet. Aside from that, a number of mobile pet groomers are also available in the city.

Watch repair

Need your watch fixed before the work week begins but too tired to step out on the weekend? Worry not, you can now apply for a watch repair service online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Under the weather? Call a doctor home

If you haven't been feeling like yourself lately and are unwell, you don't have to drag yourself to the nearest clinic.

Multiple clinics across the city offer doctor-at-your-doorstep services, where you can ask for a healthcare professional to visit you at home. A simple search online turned up countless results of such services being offered across the city.

Blow dry? Spray tan? Get it all

Hate the crowd when you're at a salon? You can skip the waiting time and will not need to drown out the noise of several hair dryers going off at once by simply getting salon at home services.

Several applications offer a service where licensed professionals can visit your home and give you complete makeover in the comfort of your home.

Airport check-in

Dreading the long check-in queues at the airport? Or, prefer to travel with comfort? If you're travelling from Dubai, you have the luxury to check-in from home, seamlessly.

Some airlines offer a 'Home check-in' service, in which passengers can travel hassle-free and 'forget' about their luggage. As of now, only four airlines offer this service in Dubai, they are: Flydubai, Emirates, Saudia and Kuwait Airways. This service is offered through 'Dubz' which is powered by dnata.

Get your clothes fitted

Need that dress altered, stat? You can call a tailor to your doorstep and hand it over for a fee. While doorstep laundry services are not new in the city, and fairly popular – this variation of the service seems to be gaining traction.

Most government services

The city ranked fifth globally for digital government services in 2022. Since then, Dubai has made it significantly easier for residents to be able to perform most government tasks – by moving them online.

From document attestation to registering a business, you can complete most government-related tasks online.

Full tank, at your fingertips

Hate waiting to tank up at the end of every month in those long queues at the petrol station? You could just get it delivered at home.

From the comfort of your home, you can sign up for an application that delivers fuel to your doorstep (or rather, car) and tanks up your vehicle without you having to even step out the door.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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