The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining a Free People of Determination (PoD) Card in the UAE

The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining a Free People of Determination (PoD) Card in the UAE

The UAE has always been at the forefront when it comes to inclusivity. Here, people of determination (PoD) are entitled to benefits — from free parking to discounts with telecommunication providers Etisalat and Du and free entry to popular attractions.

However, one must present a PoD card.

Introduced and issued by the Ministry of Community Development, the PoD card is considered an official document indicating that the holder is a person of determination.

The card ensures that people of determination are provided with the services they are entitled to under the Federal Persons with Disabilities Law No. 29 of 2006 and other related regulations.

Here's a guide to applying for the card online:

Required documents

  • You need a copy of the ID card (front and back)
  • You also need a medical report whether it is physical, visual, hearing, communication disabilities or psychological (mental disabilities, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity, and psychological) from any government hospital. It should be by an authorised body which states the existence of the disability
  • You would also need a personal photo with a white background


  • The person must be a UAE national or a resident of the country
  • The applicant should be of the following categories (mental, auditory, visual, physical, autistic, multiple)
  • The person must be diagnosed by an official medical or psychological authority and approved by the Department of Care and Rehabilitation of People of Determination
  • The existence of medical or psychological reports proving the existence of the disability in terms of its type and severity, and the tools or assistive devices to be used

Note: (If the report is more than a page attached in a pdf file or word document)

Fees and service time

The service is free and the card will be issued after 10 working days.


  • Before you start, you must create a personal profile by clicking the link:
  • The ministry will use your personal data registered with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship; so before apply for the service, update your information with the authority
  • Once you get the OTP, fill out the form and submit
  • You can submit the application via the website or the smart app
  • The customer will then receive an e-mail and a text message upon submission and will be informed when the status changes
  • The department will then process the request and validate the information that was provided
  • The diagnostic committee will verify the medical report provided by the applicant
  • Once the data validation is complete and successful, the card will be issued to the applicant
  • The issued card will be dispatched through postal service

News Source: Khaleej Times

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