Getting married online in the UAE: Conditions, required documents, process explained

Getting married online in the UAE: Conditions, required documents, process explained

When applying for a remote wedding, couples must submit several documents and meet a set of conditions.

Getting married in the UAE is now just a click away, as the courts in the country have streamlined the "I Do" process with remote weddings. Soon-to-be Mr & Mrs can now get married remotely and have their marriage certificate sent to them.

In Oct 2023, the Dubai Courts unveiled innovative services such as the 'Remote Civil Marriage' and 'Digital Attestation' services. The remote civil marriage service allows non-Muslim residents in Dubai to obtain an officially recognised and authenticated electronic marriage contract. This contract does not require further attestations if used within the UAE, provided that one of the parties is a resident of Dubai and both parties are at least 21 years old.

However, when applying for an online wedding, couples must submit several documents and meet a set of conditions. Here are all the details for individuals wishing to exchange vows online.

Remote civil marriage by Dubai Courts

  • Both parties must be unmarried
  • Both parties must be non-Muslims
  • At least one of the parties must be a resident of Dubai, holding Emirates ID card
  • The age of the couple must be at least 21 years old
  • Authenticated certificate of the social status of both parties (single) from the embassy of the respective countries
  • If the documents are issued outside the country, they must be certified by the relevant official authorities
  • All documents must be in PDF format
  • Documents in a language other than Arabic must be translated in Arabic by a certified legal translation entity from the Ministry of Justice in the UAE
  • Documents issued from outside the UAE, must also be duly certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country concerned, the UAE embassy in that country, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the UAE.

Dubai Courts developed an automated system for contract stages, including authorisation, certification, and correction, which significantly streamlined the experience for clients, as their journey now merely involves:

  • Communicating with accredited centres via phone or personal visits.
  • Submitting an electronic request.
  • Paying the requisite fees.

Subsequently, they receive the approved electronic contract.

Soon, ‘I do’ via video conference in Abu Dhabi

A videoconferencing matrimonial service will allow residents to apply for a marriage contract electronically in Abu Dhabi. They can also receive approvals and complete payment procedures online. To make it more convenient for individuals, booking an appointment to sign the marriage contract can be done remotely using video-conference technology.

The videoconferencing software was displayed by the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) at Gitex Global 2023 in Dubai.

ADJD had said that receiving the final marriage contract document will also be done electronically, and the digital signatures of both parties are legally binding.

How to apply for digital wedding?

  • Applicants must use UAE Pass to avail of the digital service.
  • The first step is to apply for the marriage contract electronically. Then, wait for the approval and complete payment procedures online.
  • Next step is to slot an appointment to sign the contract using WebEx (web conferencing). Then, wait to receive the final marriage contract with digital signatures of both parties.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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