GPSSA to launch 'Basmat Wafa' project to provide special privileges for pensioners

GPSSA to launch 'Basmat Wafa' project to provide special privileges for pensioners

The General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) has partnered with various government and private sector entities to launch the “Basmat Wafa” project, which provides various privileges to pensioners as a token of appreciation for their contributions in serving the nation.

Basmat Wafa (known as Loyalty Fingerprint in English) is the second transformational project to be announced by the GPSSA this year after the “Shourak” initiative. Both projects have been introduced as part of an important performance agreement inaugurated for federal and government authorities to elevate the nation's competitiveness and introduce forward-thinking projects by implementing exceptional mythologies.

To access the available discounts and offers, pensioners and their families must log onto the “Basmat Wafa” application via Android and Apple Store using their digital identification cards. The application in its first stage includes offers offered by Etihad Aviation Group, flydubai, Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani Group, Al Ghandi Automotive Group, Burjeel Holdings Group, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJSC (du), Al Tadawi Healthcare LLC Group, Royal Gym and Jabal Arafat tailor, amongst other companies.

Services are available on the application for pensioners affiliated with the GPSSA, and offers apply to their families following the terms and conditions.

GPSSA’s ultimate goal is to strengthen its efforts in supporting all segments of society through legislative and community-related initiatives to focus on projects that have a social impact on people. It continues to focus on encouraging various measures to help elevate the quality of life for customers.

The UAE’s pension authority calls on all organisations to partner in providing more privileges to pensioners and their families, given that there are currently 46,569 registered pensioners and beneficiaries with the GPSSA, and that number keeps increasing.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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