Unveiling the Magic of Henna in Dubai: A Complete Guide

Unveiling the Magic of Henna in Dubai: A Complete Guide

Dubai is a mesmerizing fusion of futuristic marvels and age-old traditions. Its distinctive skyline boasts towering skyscrapers and state-of-the-art wonders, cementing its status as a global center of innovation and opulence. Amidst its rapid progress, Dubai has managed to preserve its rich cultural heritage, with historic landmarks and bustling traditional souks offering a glimpse into the city's vibrant past. One of the most captivating traditions in Dubai is the ancient art of henna, a living testament to the city's profound ties to its history and customs.

What is Henna?

Henna is a natural dye obtained from the leaves of the henna plant, also known as Lawsonia Inermis. This reddish-brown dye has been used for centuries and holds significant cultural and traditional value in many societies. One of its most well-known uses is in the creation of intricate, temporary body art known as mehndi. Additionally, henna is used for dyeing hair to achieve a reddish hue, and it is also employed to color fabrics, lending them a unique and natural touch.


Henna is more than just a dye. With its history stretching back millennia, its uses have transcended cultures and continents. The earliest uses of henna come from ancient Egypt, where it adorned not just the living – staining hair, skin, and nails – but also graced the deceased pharaohs, believed to aid in mummification. Henna's journey continued across the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia, transforming into a versatile companion. It became a canvas for intricate body art, particularly mehndi, the temporary tattoos synonymous with celebrations like weddings and festivals. The designs, often symbolic and elaborate, held cultural significance, each swirl and curve carrying stories.

But Henna's reach extended beyond aesthetics. Its natural properties made it a valuable medicinal tool. People used it to combat headaches, fevers, and even fungal infections, harnessing its antifungal and antibacterial powers. In scorching deserts, henna offered a welcome respite. Soaked feet and palms in henna paste provided a cooling sensation, a clever adaptation to the harsh climate. Even fabrics like silk, wool, and leather weren't spared henna's touch, taking on vibrant hues.

Henna in today's world

Today, henna remains a vibrant cultural thread, a canvas for artistic expression, and a testament to the ingenuity of our ancestors who discovered its multifaceted potential.

In recent years, Henna has begun to go viral around the internet when people discovered you can stain much more than your hands! You can find hundreds of videos online trying out Henna freckles or dying their hair using Henna. The versatility of henna has sparked a new wave of creativity and experimentation among enthusiasts, leading to innovative uses beyond traditional body art. From temporary tattoos to natural hair dye, henna continues to captivate a global audience with its endless possibilities.

Where to get Henna in Dubai

You can find many places in the city that offer unique henna services, from professional salons to local markets where talented artists showcase their skills. Whether you're looking for a traditional design or a modern twist, there's something for everyone in Dubai's vibrant henna scene.

Cutting Edge Salon

Cutting Edge, true to its name, is a state-of-the-art beauty salon situated in the vibrant city of Dubai. This luxurious salon is renowned for its extensive array of services, which encompass everything from oriental pedicures, grooming, make-up, and haircuts to indulgent face and nail treatments. Boasting a team of highly specialized stylists, Cutting Edge is dedicated to bestowing upon its clientele a glamorous, elegant, and confident appearance, all while ensuring a serene and revitalizing experience.

In addition to its comprehensive hair and nail services, Cutting Edge Salon also offers exquisite henna services for both hands and feet. These meticulously crafted henna designs are perfect for special occasions or simply to infuse a hint of traditional beauty into your everyday look. The salon's meticulous attention to detail and expertise in henna application guarantee a pampering experience that will leave you feeling both indulged and stunning.

Price: From 150 AED

Location: Multiple branches including JLT, Dubai Marina, and Ibn Battuta Mall

Timing: From 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (JLT)

Contact: 800 288 8464

Maison De Coiffure Beauty Lounge

Maison De Coiffure Beauty Lounge offers luxury beauty treatments, including henna designs, bridal services, nail treatments, and relaxing spa treatments. As a one-stop shop for beauty and body transformation needs, they provide the world's most acclaimed hair, beauty, facial, and nail treatments for women. Their highly skilled hairstylists, beauticians, and nail technicians promise to exceed expectations.

They also provide henna services for special events, adding color to your special moments. Not only is their henna service perfect for weddings and celebrations, but it is also one of the cheapest in Dubai, making it accessible for everyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their events.

Price: From 10 AED

Location: Damac Hills

Timing: From 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Contact: 058 616 3630

Henna Classes in Dubai

Want to try your hand at some henna designs? Well, you're in luck! In Dubai, along with all the offered henna services in salons, you can also find classes and courses to learn how to create your own henna designs. Whether you're a beginner or looking to improve your skills, these classes offer a great opportunity to explore the art of henna further.

Dubai Henna International Academy

Dubai Henna Academy provides an extensive and certified henna designing course, specifically tailored for those who are new to the art. The comprehensive program equips students with the foundational skills needed to create intricate and long-lasting henna patterns using traditional techniques. Taught by a highly skilled and internationally certified Natural Henna Artist, the course offers flexibility and personalized instruction. The academy serves as a comprehensive resource for all things related to body art, prioritizing the safety and quality of its offerings for a diverse clientele, including retailers, wholesalers, salons, professional henna artists, and individuals around the globe.

Course Duration Price
Basic Henna Designing 5 days (2hrs/day) 1,200 AED
Advanced Henna Designing 5 days (2hrs/day) 1,500 AED
Organic Henna Mixology 2 days (1.5hrs/day) 800 AED
Jagua Henna Mixology 1 day (3hrs) 1,500 AED
White, Gold & Silver Henna Mixology 1 day (3 hrs) 1,500 AED

Location: JLT


Contact: 056 51 5 9111

Mirrors Beauty Academy

Mirrors Beauty Academy Dubai offers professional training in spa, hairdressing, makeup, nail techniques, salon management, and body therapy. They offer full-time, part-time, weekend, and yearly beauty therapy courses, preparing students for licensing exams. The academy also provides international students training through their locations or in Dubai.

For those interested in becoming a professional henna designer, the course provides training in bridal, Arabic, and Indian designs, as well as hygiene, skin type, and red and black henna. Students at Mirrors Beauty Academy Dubai can expect hands-on experience and personalized attention from experienced instructors. The academy's comprehensive curriculum ensures that graduates are well-equipped to succeed in the beauty industry.

Course Duration Price
Basic Henna Designing 2 days (12hrs) 1,500 AED
Bridal Henna Designing 3 days (12hrs) 2,000 AED

Location: Al Rigga

Timing: From 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on Monday to Saturday

Contact: 056 403 2900

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