IKEA Family sees the largest Ad Awareness growth in December in the UAE

IKEA Family sees the largest Ad Awareness growth in December in the UAE

Furniture giant IKEA Family saw the largest growth this month in terms of Ad Awareness in the UAE, followed by laundry cleaner Persil at number two and telecom company Etisalat in third place.

According to YouGov BrandIndex data, which tracks brand perception on a daily basis, these three brands saw the highest increase in Ad Awareness during December, making them our top three Advertisers of the Month in the UAE.

Ad Awareness asks consumers if they have seen an advertisement for a brand in the previous two weeks, and the difference between low and high scores for the month determines our Advertisers of the Month.

IKEA Family launched a new campaign in association with the medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders (MSF) called The Giving Room. A hospital room was set up at IKEA’s Dubai store for consumers to experience and understand the lack of medical resources in conflict zones and turn awareness into donations by scanning QR codes on items. YouGov BrandIndex shows IKEA Family’s Ad Awareness metric rose by eight percentage points from 15.2% on November 27 to 23.2% on December 23.

Laundry detergent retailer Persil worked with social media influencers to create short-form video content about “stainable moments” that Persil can wash away. A recent post has garnered more than 19000 likes on Instagram. Persil saw a rise of 7.5 percentage points in its Ad Awareness score from 15.3% on November 30 to 22.8% on December 23.

Ranking third on our list is Etisalat which rose 7.3 percentage points from 29.8% on December 1 to 37.1% on December 23. Etisalat, in collaboration with Nokia, demonstrated the fastest passive optical network (PON) speed in the Middle East. It achieved speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second (Gb/s) on a single wavelength – four times faster than the most advanced networks available today. The company also held the third edition of the ‘Hello Business Pitch’ competition, where aspiring start-ups participate in raising capital.

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News Source: Communicate Online

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