Two-Thirds of UAE Employees Eyeing Job Switches Amid Changing Work Dynamics: Survey Reveals

Two-Thirds of UAE Employees Eyeing Job Switches Amid Changing Work Dynamics: Survey Reveals

According to a recent survey by global HR solutions firm Adecco, 67 per cent of UAE employees are actively seeking new job opportunities, highlighting a significant surge in job mobility.

The report, based on insights from 507 professionals across various industries, underscores the evolving priorities of the UAE workforce.

Key drivers for this shift include limited career progression, uncompetitive pay, rising living costs, poor work-life balance, inadequate employee benefits, and lack of work flexibility.

"Candidates today are increasingly driven by career pursuits,"

said Mayank Patel, SVP and head of Adecco EEMENA and country head for the Middle East.

"Discussions during interviews and job negotiations frequently revolve around job security, work-life balance, annual career progression opportunities, and competitive compensation."

Despite salary remaining a crucial motivator, other factors such as company culture, career prospects, and job security are also pivotal. The survey highlights that the highest job mobility is seen among mid-senior level candidates in the technology and software services industry, followed by banking, construction, engineering, logistics, retail, and luxury sectors.

Conversely, 15 to 20 per cent of professionals prefer to stay in their current roles, focusing on career advancement within their existing organizations.

Patel noted,

"The UAE is experiencing a remarkable transformation in recruitment, driven by the increasing expatriate population, rapid technological advancements, a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion, and evolving skill requirements."

He added that 46 per cent of employees are optimistic about the UAE job market, particularly in IT, software services, retail, luxury, and transport and logistics sectors.

The recruitment landscape for 2024 indicates a surge in hiring, especially in sectors like IT, banking, retail, logistics, e-commerce, hospitality, oil and gas, and sustainable green jobs.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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