India-UAE Flights: Visit Visa Holders Advised to Book Return Tickets with Same Airline

India-UAE Flights: Visit Visa Holders Advised to Book Return Tickets with Same Airline

Travel agents caution that passengers who do not comply with this requirement may be denied boarding.

Travel agents are advising visit visa holders flying from India to the UAE to book their round-trip tickets with the same airline. This recommendation follows advisories from several airlines, stating that passengers may be denied boarding if their return flights are booked with a different carrier.

“Advisories from some airlines state that if the journey to the UAE is booked with them, the return journey to India must also be booked with the same airline. Failure to comply with this new requirement may result in passengers being denied boarding,”

explained Taha Siddique, director of Siddique Travels.

Siddique reported that some clients faced issues because their tickets to Dubai were booked with one airline, while their return was with another. As a result, he is now advising clients to book both legs of their journey with the same carrier to avoid any complications.

Other travel agents have echoed this sentiment.

“Certain carriers will not accept travellers with tickets from different airlines,”

said Noushad Hassan, managing director of Alhind Business Centre.

“These advisories were mostly received by our office in India. In any case, it is advisable to book on the same carrier to avoid unnecessary complications.”

Libin Varghese from Rooh Tourism also recommends booking both onward and return tickets with the same airline for a hassle-free travel experience, especially with the increasing number of people being stopped from boarding their flights from India.

Stricter Airport Checks

The advisory comes in light of stricter checks at Dubai airports. Travel agents have reported that some passengers have been sent back home for not meeting certain requirements. Noushad noted cases of up to 40 passengers being returned on the same flight.

Travellers to the UAE must carry funds equivalent to AED 3,000 (either in cash or on a credit card), provide valid proof of accommodation (such as a hotel booking or a letter from a host in the UAE, including a copy of their Emirates ID), and have a confirmed return ticket. Failure to meet these conditions could result in being sent back to their home country.

“When a passenger is denied entry by immigration at any airport, the airline is responsible for their return. This process causes carriers to lose money on seats,”

said Bharath Aidasani, managing partner at Pluto Travels.

“To avoid these circumstances, travellers without the required documents and cash are being denied boarding at departure airports.”

Increasing Travel Demand

With the summer season approaching, travel demand from India to the UAE is soaring.

“It's summer in India, and people want to travel. The closest and ideal destination from any part of India is the UAE. We can see flights operating at full capacity, and airfares from India have also increased,”

Aidasani mentioned.

Due to stricter checks, travel agents are urging passengers to ensure they have all necessary documents before traveling.

“In the last two days, we had a few passengers who were denied boarding passes at Indian airports. Strict checks are being conducted to ensure that they meet entry requirements for the UAE and that airlines do not lose seats,”

said Mir Waseem Raja, manager at International Travel Services.

Libin added,

“We have seen an increase in the number of travellers being stopped at the airport because they do not have the required amount of money or proof of accommodation in the country.”

News Source: Khaleej Times

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