UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation Clarifies Notice Period and Contract Termination Rules

UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation Clarifies Notice Period and Contract Termination Rules

The UAE has introduced new regulations on notice periods and contract termination, as explained by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). These rules apply to both employers and employees, detailing the terms and conditions for terminating work contracts.

Notice Period Rules

According to MOHRE, both employers and employees can terminate a contract as long as they comply with the specified notice period terms. The notice period must be between 30 and 90 days, during which employees are required to continue fulfilling their duties.

If either party fails to serve the notice period, they must compensate the other with a "notice period allowance," equivalent to the worker’s wage for the entire notice period or proportionate to the remaining period. This allowance is calculated based on the worker’s most recent wage, whether received monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly. For piece-rate wage workers, the notice allowance is determined by their average daily wage.

Employees whose contracts are terminated by the employer are entitled to one unpaid day off per week during the notice period to search for a new job, provided they give three days’ notice in advance. The notice period may be reduced or waived by mutual agreement, without infringing on either party’s rights.

Termination Without Notice by the Employer

Under Article 44 of the UAE Labour Law, employers can terminate an employee without notice for specific reasons, including:

  • Using a false identity or submitting forged documents
  • Committing an error causing significant material loss or deliberately damaging the employer's property
  • Violating safety instructions
  • Failing to perform basic duties despite repeated warnings
  • Divulging company secrets, resulting in losses or missed opportunities
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs during work hours
  • Assaulting colleagues or superiors
  • Unauthorized absences exceeding 20 intermittent days or 7 consecutive days
  • Exploiting their position for personal gain
  • Joining another establishment without following proper procedures

Termination without notice requires a written investigation and a justified dismissal notice handed over to the employee.

Termination Without Notice by the Employee

Article 45 allows employees to terminate their contract without notice if the employer:

  • Fails to meet contractual or legal obligations, with a 14-day notice to MOHRE
  • Assaults or harasses the employee, reported within five days
  • Instructs the employee to perform fundamentally different work without consent
  • Fails to remove grave dangers threatening the employee’s safety or health

Employees must report such issues to MOHRE and other competent authorities as specified by law.

Ensuring Compliance

Travel agents emphasize the importance of complying with these regulations to avoid complications, such as being denied boarding for failing to meet documentation and financial requirements. As stricter checks are introduced, travelers are advised to ensure they have all necessary documents before traveling to the UAE.

For more information on these regulations, visit the official UAE Government portal or consult MOHRE’s comprehensive guide, available online in Arabic and English. This guide provides detailed answers to common questions and highlights green alternatives to single-use plastics, along with sustainability tips for businesses and individuals.

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