Interview with Ali Ahli, Founder at Mesk & Amber Perfumes

Interview with Ali Ahli, Founder at Mesk & Amber Perfumes

Mesk & Amber Perfumes has a wide range of the best eastern oriental oils and French perfumes made by the professional perfumers. The perfect destination to find out the perfume suitable for you.

What is your business name?

Mesk & Amber Perfumes

Which industry does your business belong to?

Beauty, Wellness & Health

What is your business type?


How old is your business?

Less than a year

Who are your customers?

People (B2C)

How did you initially come up with the idea or concept for the business?

Hobby and self interests in perfumes.

Ali Ahli, Owner

What made you choose Dubai as a location to setup your business?

Being business hub for middle east countries

Finally, what sets your business apart from the competition?

We make our own fragrance, our own brand

What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture?

Perfumes and Soaps

Amber Spirit

Can you share some of your products and pricing?

Eid Mubarak Perfume for 80 AED, Amber Spirit for 80 AED, Rose Queen for 70 AED

What are the best ways for your customers to contact your company?

Website, Email

Is there anything else you want to convey to your potential customers?

High Quality Products For Best Prices

Editor note: You can find more information about Mesk & Amber Perfumes on HiDubai by visiting their business page here.

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