Interview with Anna Gidirim, CEO of Admitad, A Performance Marketing Platform

Interview with Anna Gidirim, CEO of Admitad, A Performance Marketing Platform

With its headquarters nestled in the dynamic landscape of Dubai, Admitad provides cutting-edge performance marketing solutions. Operating from 9 offices globally, the company boasts an impressive roster of more than 3000 advertisers and 100,000 active publishers.

Explore the journey of Admitad as its CEO, Anna Gidirim, shares invaluable insights into leadership, core values, and strategies that set the company apart.

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The name ‘Admitad’ stemmed from the founder’s imagination intertwining ‘advertisement’ and ‘advertisers’ with the German ‘mit' which means ‘with’. It reflects the essence of bringing together brands and publishers in a dynamic marketplace.

Admitad strategically focuses on three key components: brands, partners, and technology to stand out from its competitors. Understanding the critical importance of technology in digital marketing, the company invested significantly in developing cutting-edge tools for partners. Recognizing a gap in client support within the industry, the company introduced personal managers for every publisher and brand. This approach helped them to enhance client satisfaction, foster stronger relationships, and facilitate invaluable feedback loops, making Admitad a leader in the field.

Navigating cross-cultural leadership challenges within Admitad's international team spanning nine countries has been a transformative journey for Anna Gidirim. Growing up in a family that traversed diverse landscapes, Anna gleaned invaluable insights into cultural nuances from an early age. However, communicating with the diverse team posed some challenges in the initial days for Anna. She found the experience both daunting and enriching as she delved into the complexities of cultural differences. She realized it was important to differentiate between cultural norms and individual personalities, especially when leading teams from different cultures.

Interacting with diverse individuals has given her one of the biggest learning experiences.

Anna says,

"Engaging with employees is key. It helps us understand their needs and behaviors. At Admitad, our open-door policy ensures everyone can reach out to us."

Maintaining open communication with every team member, regardless of their seniority, is paramount for Anna. With Admitad's flat structure, hierarchical distinctions are minimized making sure that every voice is heard and valued.

According to Anna, junior specialists bring distinct perspectives to the table. CEO of Admitad, she encourages all employees to contribute ideas through accessible channels as innovation knows no hierarchy.

In Anna's leadership approach, empathy and understanding are paramount, particularly within a diverse team. She emphasizes that a leader devoid of empathy cannot effectively guide their team. She draws a clear distinction between mere management and true leadership. She asserts that while one can be a harsh manager, genuine leadership requires inspiration and belief in shared goals. According to her, empathy fosters a supportive environment where team members feel valued and motivated. Anna warns against the pitfalls of a harsh leadership style, noting that it can lead to high turnover rates and increased operational costs.

In her leadership path, Anna emphasizes the value of ongoing education and introspection. Taking moments of solitude, often during flights, allows her to unwind and assess past actions objectively. This introspective approach enables Anna to refine her leadership style and adapt to evolving challenges effectively.

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As a framework for prioritizing tasks, Anna follows OKRs, that is, objectives and key results. After approval by the board members, she analyzes tasks to identify any areas where her decision-making may be a bottleneck. These issues become her top priorities. Client-related tasks, particularly those involving top clients, are also given high importance due to their potential impact on revenue.

Anna explains,

"It is very important to find the time to calmly prioritize what you're going to do."

Each day, Anna allocates around 30 minutes to prioritize tasks. She starts her morning with a structured approach. Additionally, she leverages Asana, a work-management platform, to manage her schedule and emails. This disciplined approach ensures that she can calmly and efficiently prioritize her workload.

Being a CEO and a single mother, Anna thrives in both of her responsibilities in life. Drawing parallels to the airplane oxygen mask analogy, she underscores the necessity of prioritizing personal well-being to effectively care for others. She advocates for quality over quantity in spending time with her son, emphasizing meaningful rituals and traditions. Emphasizing the importance of self-confidence, she says,

“I think that the most important thing is to feel confident and believe in what you do."

Recognizing the inevitability of occasional imbalances, she advises against self-blame and highlights the need for self-compassion amidst demanding responsibilities.

Aiming to break down barriers, ambitious female leaders can draw inspiration from Anna's journey. She exerts the importance of perseverance and self-belief to overcome career barriers. While acknowledging the common advice to "keep going" and "believe in yourself," she underscores the significance of staying determined amidst challenges. She observes a shift in mindset among the younger generation, particularly Gen Z, who prioritize understanding their work's purpose over mere financial gain. Additionally, Anna stresses the importance of having a supportive network, whether it be family, friends, or mentors, who believe in one's capabilities.

Admitad recently launched its SaaS solution. This move aims to democratize digital marketing by providing an accessible platform for businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to launch their brand ambassador programs. The initiative aligns with Admitad's mission to bridge the gap between beginner businesses and the complexities of affiliate marketing tools. The company is also looking forward to diversifying its presence in the MENA region, with plans to expand into Saudi Arabia.

By simplifying the process and offering user-friendly guidance, Admitad seeks to empower businesses to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

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