Changing Dreams into Events: Mohammad Alhouri, Co-Founder, Shares the Success Story of MOD Design Events in Dubai

Changing Dreams into Events: Mohammad Alhouri, Co-Founder, Shares the Success Story of MOD Design Events in Dubai

From a humble flower shop to a renowned event planning and design powerhouse, the story of MOD Design Events is a tale of passion, perseverance, and creativity. Co-founder Mohammad Alhouri's journey is a fascinating blend of embracing opportunities and overcoming challenges, transforming a simple home business into one of Dubai’s most sought-after event design companies.

Join us as we delve into the remarkable evolution of MOD Design Events, exploring the inspiration, hurdles, and triumphs that have defined their path to success.

What inspired you to start Events by MOD, and what sets your event planning company apart from others in the industry?

When we started, the initial plan was not to become an events company. It began as a home business for a luxury flower shop. Our friends and family saw the potential and encouraged us to take on events, saying, "We can see that you have a good eye and taste." At the time, I was always browsing Pinterest and Instagram, focusing on interior design despite being a florist. From there, I decided to seize the opportunity to do events. The first project was big, and I was nervous, but with support from my friends, especially the one who gave me the initial order, we successfully transitioned from a flower shop to an events company. People at the event started asking about our company, and that's how MOD Design Events took off.

Your first events project was a big undertaking for someone just starting. Did you ever doubt yourself about whether you could deliver?

Founders: Mohammad and Sanad

Yes, I was scared when I got the first big project. I'm the type of person who might have doubts initially, but once I'm in the middle of it, I'm determined to continue. My business partner, Sanad (the other co-founder of MOD), encouraged me by saying, "Take it because I know you will make it perfect." The project involved 600 guests, which was significant at the time. It wasn't about the size but about the challenge it presented.

What motivates you to keep going when faced with difficult projects and doubts?

The design world is addictive. Once you're in, you always want to do more, go deeper, and tackle bigger projects. Transitioning from a florist to an event planner was challenging because the responsibilities were entirely different. There were times I felt exhausted and wanted to return to just doing flowers, but I couldn't stop. Every year, I think it might be the last, but I'm always drawn back to it.

Do you think your experience as a florist helped you succeed in events?

Absolutely. As a kid, I was always drawn to design. My family background was different, and they expected me to follow a traditional career path. Working in a flower shop was my way of reaching design. As I grew, I realized my passion was broader than floristry; it encompassed interior design and more.

Considering the impact COVID had on businesses, what made you take the risk to open an events company during that time?

Starting during COVID-19 turned out to be advantageous. Many big companies with high expenses struggled, but we started small, step by step, without the burden of large overheads. The events we handled were smaller, making it easier to manage. It was the perfect time for us to enter the market.

Could you tell us more about MOD’s unique style that sets it apart from competitors?

MOD was one of the first companies in the market to focus on modern event design. At that time, most events featured an abundance of flowers and elaborate decorations. My focus on interior design and simplicity led us to create modern, minimalist designs. Our approach appeals to the new generation that values simplicity and quality. We use the highest-quality materials, often interior-grade, in our projects.

Can you provide examples of some of the most memorable events you've organized and how you ensured their success?

In 2021, during COVID-19, we received an inquiry for a large-scale event. I was on vacation, but when a friend asked if I could handle it, I said yes. It involved creating a venue from scratch, which was new for us. The client believed in our taste and gave us the opportunity despite our lack of a large portfolio. We successfully executed the project for an amazing bride, Kharida Al-Lootah.

Behind the scenes of a lavish and modern MOD henna design exclusively for Her Royal Highness Sheikha Hissa Bint Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Henna Night wedded to His Royal Highness Majid bin Majid al Maktoum in Dubai.

Could you walk me through the process of how you collaborate with clients from initial concept to execution?

Most clients contact us after attending an event we organized. We start with a meeting to understand their style and preferences. Some clients come with a mood board, while others rely on us to create the concept. We then develop two design options—one based on the client's ideas and one with our unique touch. This approach ensures we meet their expectations. We then present the 3D render designs along with all physical materials and details, and from there, we move to execution on the day of the event.

Can you share any challenges you've faced in the event planning industry and how you overcame them?

Honestly, our journey has been very smooth. We've had immense support from God, our team, family, and friends. I haven't faced significant challenges, and I feel very grateful for the support we've received.

What strategies do you employ to ensure seamless coordination among vendors and other stakeholders during events?

We have different departments with dedicated staff members for each area, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

We draw inspiration from international trends while respecting our heritage. I follow fashion, interior design, and beauty trends closely to keep our designs fresh and modern. We are always learning and trying new things as a company.

@moddesignevents The 5 Wedding Trends we gathered from the newest season of #bridgertonseason3 Out now on the MOD BLOG. #weddingtrends - #weddings #weddingtrend #luxuryliving #bridgertontiktok #fashiontrend #interiordesign ♬ original sound - MOD DESIGN EVENTS

What are your plans for the future growth and expansion of MOD Design Events, both locally and internationally?

We are very happy with where we are now, but we are also planning to move into luxury home design. Who knows what the future holds?

What was your motivation behind starting The MOD Blog?

We want to add value to people's lives and bring them into our world at MOD. The blog is a way to share our insights and experiences in design.

Mohammad Alhouri's journey with MOD Design Events is a testament to passion, perseverance, and creativity. His story inspires anyone looking to turn their passion into a thriving business.

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