Interview with Tarun Joshi, CEO & Founder of IGP, Leading Online Gift Delivery Platform

Interview with Tarun Joshi, CEO & Founder of IGP, Leading Online Gift Delivery Platform

Gifts are not mere transactions; they are expressions of profound emotions. Tarun Joshi has been transforming the online gift delivery industry with his venture, International Gift Platform (IGP). Dedicated to elevating your gifting experience, IGP has emerged as a leading online gift delivery service in the UAE. The extensive selection offered by IGP includes vibrant floral arrangements, thoughtful presents, custom cakes, and carefully curated hampers.

Explore the vibrant journey of IGP as its dynamic CEO and founder, Tarun Joshi, shares his journey, challenges, and the innovative strategies that have propelled the company to success.

Tarun is a versatile and highly experienced individual with a diverse background encompassing technology entrepreneurship, angel investing, aeronautical science, and leadership in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) industry. He founded Join Ventures, India's fastest-growing D2C platform and the parent company of IGP and

He began his career working as a scientist with DRDO and played a pivotal role in designing flight control systems for India's Tejas, a high-agility supersonic fighter aircraft. His portfolio is adorned with experiences like creating the world's first biometric ATM. He also boasts over 12 years of investment expertise at leading private equity firms and active involvement as an angel investor in various Indian start-ups.

IGP was born out of Joshi's dedication to establishing an international gifts platform that transcends the ordinary. The primary goal is to create lasting and memorable experiences for individuals globally. The vision is to redefine the landscape of online gifting and flower delivery by leveraging technology to forge these vital emotional bonds.

Standing out for its diverse range of unique gifts, IGP tries to reflect the local culture and traditions of the UAE by offering a personalized and culturally resonant gift-giving experience. Their selection includes fresh flowers backed by a 7-day guarantee, premium chef-crafted cakes, and an assortment of personalized designs that cater to different cultural backgrounds. They also go the extra mile by providing timely updates on festive merchandise across various cultures and suggesting gifts based on individual personalities through its user-friendly website.

Establishing and growing an online gift delivery service in the UAE is presented with challenges. Joshi explains,

“Navigating the complexities of the gifting, flower and indulgent food delivery sectors in the UAE demanded strategic innovation.”

One of the notable obstacles was the absence of a well-established supply chain and the necessity for a dedicated last-minute delivery network. Additionally, adapting to the dynamic digital landscape, where technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors require constant evolution. These challenges taught them how crucial it is to be flexible and keep up with the market dynamics.

Joshi attributes the success of IGP to their commitment to innovation, a customer-centric approach, and the ability to identify and capitalize on emerging trends. Investing in talent and cultivating an agile and innovative team has been instrumental in their rapid growth.

Providing a high-quality and memorable customer experience is central to IGP's ethos. The key lies in delivering a superior experience where one has to recognize the significance of personal and timely gestures. Joshi says,

“Gifting, for example, is very demanding, as consumers remember an occasion last minute and expect the best products to be delivered in the shortest amount of time.”

As a brand, IGP has been able to successfully acknowledge the challenges of meeting these expectations. He also emphasizes a perceived gap in the UAE gifting market, specifically the absence of personalized options.

Tarun Joshi shares his personal favorites; gifts that convey what words usually don't. Joshi expresses a particular fondness for personalized gifts, appreciating their ability to evoke emotions. He also believes in the power of gifts as a love language.

IGP also extends its efforts to meet the growing trend among consumers to express heartfelt emotions uniquely for special moments. With an emphasis on unique ways of expressing emotions for special moments, IGP balances creativity with customer preferences.

"Technology is the backbone of IGP as it caters to over 60 million visits to its website in a year, and every part of IGP’s farm-to-table supply chain is driven by its proprietary technology systems,"

says CEO & Founder of IGP, Tarun Joshi.

He highlights the pivotal role of technology in enhancing IGP's service delivery, particularly in logistics and customization. The establishment of a robust technology platform, a significant investment, was followed by the development of a dedicated supply chain and distribution network.

By establishing a successful operating playbook, IGP integrates state-of-the-art technology, and a globally sourced product inventory, and built one of Dubai's largest flowers and gifts showrooms. This strategic move has set the company up for ongoing success.

In an effort to contribute to a happier world, IGP, under the leadership of Tarun Joshi, has implemented sustainability practices in its business operations. He shares,

"We strive to ensure that we have to first give back to the society and the environment at large. We monitor the carbon footprint of every single product, making sure that we run a carbon-neutral organization."

The company monitors the carbon footprint of every product, including the flower stems used in their bouquets. As part of their dedication to environmental responsibility, IGP ensures that it operates as a carbon-neutral organization. They extend their commitment to make a positive impact on the global environment and contribute to the overall well-being of the planet.

With a diverse population in the UAE, IGP focuses on enriching relationships for over 10 million people in the UAE and over 50 million in the GCC. The company strives to present an extensive assortment of over 2500 gifts, tailored to express the most relevant sentiments for every occasion and relationship.

Having successfully established a state-of-the-art 20,000-square-foot facility in Dubai, the company is now considering the prospect of opening similar cutting-edge facilities in the broader MENA region. The goal is to continue redefining the art of gifting and expanding their reach to create memorable experiences for an even wider audience.

As IGP continues to expand its footprint, it is set to leave an indelible mark on the world of online gifting and flower delivery, creating cherished moments for people across the globe.

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