Interview with Jason Bassili, CEO of Le Fumoir, Leading Smoked Salmon Supplier in Dubai

Interview with Jason Bassili, CEO of Le Fumoir, Leading Smoked Salmon Supplier in Dubai

Mastering the art of traditional smokehouse processing and refining it over the years, Joe Bassili stands out with the esteemed Le Fumoir in the culinary industry. This premium salmon smokehouse in Dubai boasts over two decades of expertise in smoking salmon. Le Fumoir serves a high-profile clientele and has become synonymous with a commitment to quality. They have combined tradition and innovation to leave an indelible mark on the gourmet food industry.

Explore the success narrative as the CEO, Jason Bassili shares the intriguing journey that has made Le Fumoir a beacon of culinary excellence.

Le Fumoir | Smoked Salmon supplier expert in Dubai.

The story behind the inception of Le Fumoir by Joe Bassili begins with Jason’s father, Joe Bassili’s trip to Scotland in the 1980s. Eager to master the traditional craft of smoking salmon, he studied the age-old techniques from the Shetland islands. He yearned to elevate the smoking technique instead of sticking to the traditional techniques. Upon returning to Lebanon, he dedicated five years to developing the smokehouse with an aim to produce significant quantities with quality on par, if not superior, to what he learned in the Shetland islands.

Renowned for employing natural ingredients and traditional methods, Le Fumoir's distinct smoked salmon flavor is a result of exemplary craftsmanship. Jason emphasizes the use of high-quality oak in imparting a subtle smoky essence to the fish. The secret lies not only in the choice of wood but also in the patience invested during the smoking process. He continues,

“We smoke and dry our salmon for between 18-24 hours which is, I believe, is one of the longest in the industry.”

For over two decades, Le Fumoir has graced the tables of five-star hotels and earned the admiration of award-winning chefs worldwide. Jason highlights their commitment that goes beyond mere production; it extends to going the extra mile for customers. He also proudly shares their offerings and service to Five Star Hotels and recognition from Award-Winning Chefs who appreciate the meticulous work invested in the smokehouse. The chefs themselves often visit, bringing their teams to witness firsthand the dedication embedded in every step of the process.

Le Fumoir's dedication to excellence extends beyond its smokehouse. Sal’s Sushi Bar is a sister establishment of Le Fumoir by Joe Bassili. This sushi bar in Dubai distinguishes itself by importing its own salmon, guaranteeing unparalleled freshness among sushi bars in the region.

“We import 22 tons per week, so it allows us to select the best salmon for our restaurants every time!”

The commitment to unwavering quality, a hallmark of Le Fumoir, is seamlessly reflected in the standards maintained at Sal's Sushi Bar.

With a gaze firmly set on the future, Le Fumoir envisions expanding into the Saudi market. Additionally, plans are underway to establish a smoked salmon facility in Europe and to make their products globally accessible.

With each smoked salmon, Le Fumoir by Joe Bassili continues to create an experience that is truly unparalleled in the gourmet food industry.

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