Interview with Injeel Moti, Founder & Managing Director of Catch Communications, A Creative, Content-Driven Communications Consultancy

Interview with Injeel Moti, Founder & Managing Director of Catch Communications, A Creative, Content-Driven Communications Consultancy

In the vibrant world of media and marketing, where innovation reigns supreme and creativity knows no bounds, Catch Communications has positioned itself at the top. Founded in 2018 by Injeel Moti, this Dubai-based powerhouse has transcended the ordinary by crafting tales that resonate in the digital age. Catch Communications is a full-service integrated consultancy based in Dubai, catering to clients in both the corporate and consumer sectors across the GCC.

Explore the success narrative of Catch Communications as Injeel Moti, founder and managing director, shares the inspiring journey marked by the art of connecting, collaborating, and communicating.

With eight years of seasoned expertise in public relations, marketing, and strategic counsel, Injeel's professional journey spans across the regional media space. She planted the seeds of Catch in 2018 right from the cozy confines of her bedroom. Her impressive portfolio is studded with successful consultations with renowned brands like Al Ghurair Retail, Kerry MENAT, Lego, Birkenstock, D1 Milano, and Gates Hospitality, among others.

Catch Communications was born out of a genuine passion for telling stories and showcasing brands in a positive light. Injeel reminisces,

"It was just a whole lot of passion, ambition, and love for the industry and space coming together."

Injeel’s expertise in diverse backgrounds has fundamentally shaped the consultancy's distinctive approach in the industry. During the initial phase, Catch focused primarily on public relations. With the evolution of the communication landscape along with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company had to undergo a strategic shift. The company adapted to increased digitization and the imperative for brands to engage consumers across multiple touchpoints. Today, Catch Communications seamlessly integrates various marketing mediums, including social media presence, compelling content creation, influencer collaboration, and event activations. By swiftly adapting to the evolving landscape of communications, the team was able to meet the changing demands of the industry and effectively help clients in different areas.

By keeping a keen eye on emerging trends and technologies, Catch Communications is able to remain at the forefront. Injeel attributes the success of the company to strategically employing young and tech-savvy professionals who remain perpetually attuned to the dynamic realm of social media. This dedicated team ensures that they stay well-informed about emerging trends, developments, and new apps. This approach fosters a culture of constant learning within the consultancy.

Additionally, the team at Catch conducts weekly meetings to open a platform for identifying and incorporating these trends into client plans. Injeel explains that Catch has actively embraced advancements such as artificial intelligence by including tools like ChatGPT. She adds,

“If there is a tool or technology that enhances our work, we readily incorporate it into our agency without hesitation.”

Catch Communications offers a unique full-circle communication strategy that seamlessly integrates traditional PR methods with digital and experiential tactics to yield optimal results for clients. Functioning as a boutique consultancy, they act as an extension of their clients' teams, engaging in one-on-one sessions to understand the client's business position and goals.

"Our approach is very personalized. There's no one glove that fits all kind of an approach,"

says Injeel Moti.

She explains how the team follows a personalized approach that involves a meticulous analysis to determine whether the client is an established brand seeking regular visibility or a young brand venturing into a new market. Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the agency tailors its counsel based on the unique needs and aspirations of each client. This helps each of their clients to stand apart in the industry.

In 2020, when the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, Injeel established Catch Academy as a sister division to Catch Communications. This initiative aims to empower individuals by offering training on essential marketing skills. As a four-week course initially designed for brands, it later expanded its reach to include students and in-house marketing professionals. The objective of this program was to equip individuals with the knowledge to navigate the intricacies of self-marketing, from engaging with media and running social media pages to establishing connections with influencers.

Understanding the challenges faced by startups firsthand, Catch Communications, as an entrepreneurial organization, has crafted a unique approach to address the publicity needs of emerging businesses. Acknowledging the financial constraints often associated with startups, the team launched Catch Startup, an initiative designed to provide effective yet economical publicity packages. Having experienced the hurdles of being a startup themselves, the team comprehends the importance of not only communicating a brand but doing so effectively.

In a market saturated with new brands emerging daily, Injeel recognizes that many brands lack the extensive marketing budgets of larger counterparts. Catch Communications offers tailored clubbed packages to these businesses. The approach involves guiding startups through their initial three months, focusing on brand building, and subsequently adjusting strategies to emphasize awareness or lead generation.

Additionally, Catch has an inclusive fee structure that automatically qualifies businesses aged 14 months or younger as startups. This way the pricing model resonates well with emerging brands. Injeel proudly says that this strategy has not only facilitated the growth of numerous startups but has also garnered positive responses and proved to be exceptionally rewarding work for Catch Communications.

Reflecting on a challenging moment in her career, Injeel highlights the complexities of managing people and the constant quest for the right team and clients. Since their business revolves around people, it is important to align values and recognize the mutual exchange between what people bring to work and what the organization gives back. She says,

"I have grown 15 years mentally and emotionally. Catch has given back to me the gift of emotional intelligence."

As the managing director of Catch Communications, Injeel believes in leading by example. She also believes that the leader's attitude sets the tone for the entire group and therefore, tries to maintain a high level of energy and dedication within the team.

Catch values creative flow in their operations. Despite being a young organization, they actively seek team members who embody accountability, fearlessness in expressing ideas, and a vocal attitude. Injeel says,

"We try to foster an entrepreneurial culture where people do not feel afraid to voice what they are thinking."

The interactive and open office environment encourages constant communication and idea-sharing, creating a space where everyone feels empowered to contribute.

Catch boasts a diverse clientele, spanning from fashion brands to beauty, hospitality, tech, finance, and everything in between. Injeel expresses pride in working with female-founded brands and concepts. Catch has represented and supported over 30 female-founded brands within just five years of operation. This encompasses a wide spectrum, from home-based businesses to fashion brands making their debut in the UAE from various markets.

As Catch Communications looks toward the future, its key goals and aspirations involve expanding its corporate division significantly. The first five years of their journey have been remarkable, initially focusing on consumer brands and later establishing a corporate division. The upcoming five years are poised for further growth in the corporate sector, with a particular emphasis on niche areas like fintech, web3, and healthcare.

Injeel is also keen on expanding the operations to her home country, Saudi Arabia, while also extending its service offering and experience to other GCC markets.

Catch Communications continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of communications while taking its clients to unattainable heights.

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