Interview with Jeremy Denisty, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Imagin3 Studio, a Digital Consulting Agency in Dubai

Interview with Jeremy Denisty, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Imagin3 Studio, a Digital Consulting Agency in Dubai

In a world driven by digital transformation, Imagin3 Studio has emerged as a pioneering force in guiding organizations through the transformative journey into the virtual economy. Imagin3 Studio is a digital innovation advisory firm that has collaborated with clients across the public and private sectors. They specialize in areas such as Web3 blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence, and various aspects of the virtual economy. Their mission is to assist organizations in achieving growth and establishing a presence in the virtual economy as fully-fledged businesses.

Delve into the journey of Jeremy Denisty, the managing partner and co-founder of Imagin3 Studio, as he shares the early days of the studio and the core values that guide the company.

Jeremy Denisty, the co-founder of Imagin3 Studio, is a prominent figure in the realm of Web3 solutions, digital transformation, and sustainable business growth. He has earned his master’s degree in Management from the Louvain School of Management in Belgium and holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Management from the Université Catholique de Louvain. With a wealth of experience, Jeremy has played a pivotal role in advising over 150 clients across the EMEA region, including notable firms such as Chalhoub Group, Dubai Chambers, and GSK. In his role as the Managing Partner of Imagin3 Studio, Jeremy leads a dedicated team in implementing innovative technologies like Metaverse, NFTs, and AI to foster digital innovation, develop novel business models, and enhance brand experiences. His diverse career, spanning the FMCG industry and collaborations with global brands, underscores his expertise.

Genesis of Imagin3

Jeremy's journey began in Belgium, where he embarked on a career that eventually led him to co-found Imagin3 Studio. The idea sprouted while he was leading a digital innovation advisory firm called Scopernia, where he assumed a leadership role within a few months. Seeking a greater impact in the realms of gaming and emerging technologies, Jeremy, along with his business partner Dado Van Peteghem, co-author of four books, conceptualized a new vertical within Scopernia. Jeremy says,

"Imagin3 Studio came to life when we wanted to create an entirely new vertical, focusing on new technologies and helping clients enter the future beyond digital transformation."

Over time, Imagin3 Studio exceeded initial expectations, evolving into a substantial entity that absorbed the activities of Scopernia in the region, ultimately becoming the predominant brand. This transformation marked the inception and growth of Imagin3 Studio, far surpassing the initial vision set for the endeavor.

Challenges during inception

Founders of Imagin3 Studio, Dado Van Petegham and Jeremy Denisty

Recounting the early days of Imagin3 Studio, Jeremy Denisty reflects on the unique challenges and advantages encountered during the establishment of the company. As a vertical within an already operational business, Imagin3 Studio benefited from tapping into an existing client base. This alleviated the typical hurdles of building trust and securing projects.

Despite this advantage, the inherent challenge in the realm of innovation lies in educating clients about concepts like the virtual economy, blockchain technology, and immersive experiences. Jeremy recollects,

"While fortunate to tap into existing clients, educating people on topics like the virtual economy posed a challenge."

Denisty also emphasizes the importance of convincing businesses to envision a future where transformation is necessary. Imagin3 Studio has successfully implemented groundbreaking projects including collaborations with the Dubai government, private companies in Saudi Arabia, and initiatives with renowned brands like Adidas and the Saudi Football Federation.

"Innovation requires finding people who believe in the future and are willing to transform their organizations,"

says Jeremy. They have navigated the uncharred territory with a 70% focus on ventures that push the boundaries of what has been done before.

Core values

Imagin3 Studio is propelled by a distinct set of core values and a mission that sets it apart from its competitors. Jeremy states,

"Our vision, the '45 degrees that matter,' guides organizations in navigating the future within a defined angle."

Rather than following a linear trajectory, Imagin3 Studio advocates navigating within the 45-degree angle of possibilities. This acknowledges the uncertainty inherent in the digital landscape.

Jeremy says,

"Passion for the future is our method to stay ahead, coupled with a community like the Future Club to challenge and exchange thoughts."

He says staying ahead is not just a strategic approach but a genuine enthusiasm shared by the entire team. Actively following industry trailblazers, staying updated through various channels, and participating in discussions within the team form the foundation of their approach.

Imagin3 Studio actively encourages external dialogue by establishing the Future Club, a community of more than 65 future leaders across various industries. The community meets regularly to exchange ideas on topics like artificial intelligence, providing a diverse and comprehensive perspective crucial for navigating the swiftly evolving technological landscape.

‘The Virtual Economy’

Jeremy Denisty along with Dado Van Peteghem, co-founder of Imagin3, launched the book ‘The Virtual Economy’. It offers business leaders insights into growth and development strategies derived from practical cases and projects. The authors identify three waves of disruption: the first being the introduction of the internet in the '90s, the second marked by the rise of social media in the early 2000s, and the current third wave characterized by an immersive internet with 3D technologies, a decentralized internet with blockchain, and the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence. The genesis of the book emerged from the authors' unique insights, shared during keynotes and discussions with clients, especially in the context of the accelerated digital innovation spurred by events like COVID-19.

With over a year of development, the book aims to offer practical guidance to business managers, featuring more than 40 use cases that make theoretical concepts tangible. It serves as a roadmap for understanding the evolving landscape, adapting to new customer expectations, and seizing opportunities presented by the dynamic forces of the virtual economy.

The book introduces a segment termed the Customer Launch Strategy. It offers organizations a framework to contemplate, prototype, and implement proof of concepts within the paradigm of experience, community, and loyalty. The main focus is not on prescribing a singular approach but rather on providing valuable insights and exemplifying how diverse brands leverage technologies to enhance their communities, elevate loyalty programs, and craft exceptional experiences. The strategies aim to instill flexibility in companies, urging them to remain attuned to evolving trends. Imagin3 Studio applies a similar philosophy to its operations with its 45-degree trajectory.

Transforming businesses

It is important to not disregard a company's past achievements when undertaking transformation. Jeremy believes in understanding and leveraging organizational history, especially in established businesses with positive legacies. He says,

"Transformation is not about discarding the past but understanding it and creating magic to capture customers' attention."

Denisty advocates for crafting a tailored transformation strategy by comprehending the organization's present and envisioning its future. During transformation discussions, he introduces a key question about capturing customer attention and creating magic through improved experiences, communities, and loyalty. This customer-facing aspect aligns with the ‘magic triangle’.

Simultaneously, Denisty introduces the concept of the ‘power triangle’ which focuses on the internal transformation of people, processes, and platforms, where artificial intelligence plays a pivotal role. Processes, platforms, and people are interconnected. Changing processes requires training and adapting the workforce, and implementing a new platform necessitates due process and educating the staff. The success of one element depends on the effective integration of the others. This emphasizes the importance of a cohesive and synchronized approach to organizational change. Citing the example of Adidas entering the Saudi Arabian market, Jeremy showcases how Imagin3 Studio integrates principles from their book to transform businesses.

Impact of digital innovation

In reflecting on the transformative potential of digital innovation, Jeremy highlights a profound impact on education. He says,

"Digital innovation can revolutionize education, personalizing learning experiences and making historical events more tangible."

Emphasizing the scientifically proven benefits of improved education globally, he envisions a positive societal shift where more educated individuals make informed decisions, break the cycle of poverty, and raise future generations with enhanced knowledge. Digital innovation, particularly artificial intelligence, is seen as a catalyst for personalized learning experiences. He recalls a time when education lacked a personal touch, characterized by standardized programs and rigid learning approaches.

Future endeavours

Encountering your future vision now! - Destiny Coaching Ministries

Looking ahead, Imagin3 Studio envisions a future centered around quality, selective growth, and community building. Rather than aspiring to be a massive company, the firm remains committed to prioritizing a few impactful projects that inspire both the team and clients. Jeremy says,

"Focus on quality over quantity, helping organizations build more communities and have a positive impact on the world."

The focus is on helping organizations build vibrant communities while continuing to assist clients in their development and growth within the virtual economy. The core mission of Imagin3 Studio is to be the preferred partner in guiding entities toward a positive future, emphasizing meaningful impact in the world.

Jeremy’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders is to understand the significance of immersing oneself in platforms like Roblox and Fortnite to comprehend the dynamics and possibilities.

Jeremy advises,

"Immerse yourself in the virtual economy, prototype new ideas, and seek help from experts. Do not be left behind; this wave of the Internet has already hit, and there is much to gain by embracing the changes it brings."

With ‘The Virtual Economy’, Imagin3 aims to be a guiding resource for readers venturing into the realms of the virtual economy and the future. More information about the book can be found on their website.

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