Interview with Sook Jung Skehan, CEO of K-BEAUTY ON by KSOUK, Region's First Premium Korean Cosmetic Store

Interview with Sook Jung Skehan, CEO of K-BEAUTY ON by KSOUK, Region's First Premium Korean Cosmetic Store

The Korean skincare game has been slowly taking over the cosmetic industry since the last few years. Standing at the forefront of this transformative shift in the region is the K-BEAUTY ON by KSOUK. K-BEAUTY ON is a multi-brand Korean cosmetics store committed to showcasing high-quality products. It is also the first premium Korean cosmetic store in the UAE. Beyond the surface-level allure of flawless skin and radiant beauty, this premium Korean cosmetic store is rewriting the narrative of beauty as a cultural bridge.

Embark on a captivating journey through the doors of K-BEAUTY ON as Sook Jung Skehan, CEO of K-BEAUTY ON by KSOUK unravels the company’s commitment to beauty, health, and cultural exchange.

The establishment of K-BEAUTY ON unfolds as part of a strategic initiative by the Korean government, aimed at supporting exceptional Korean cosmetic companies in customized overseas expansion ventures. Recognizing TRI's proficiency in promoting Korean content, culture, and top-notch products in the UAE and the Middle East, they initiated a collaboration with the Korean government to establish K-BEAUTY ON by KSOUK, marking the debut of premium Korean cosmetic stores in the UAE. With the opening of this store, they aim to introduce a broader array of high-quality K-Beauty products, building a brand rooted in trust and familiarity among consumers in the Middle East.

Sook Jung attributes the success of this venture to its meticulous selection process. Every brand undergoes scrutiny, from the manufacturing process to the ingredients in their cosmetics. The team ensures that the chosen products have earned consumers' trust in Korea. Putting these cosmetics to the test, the products undergo trials on diverse skin types to assess their strengths and weaknesses. She also says that the team goes the extra mile and personally experiences each product before introducing them to the prestigious shelves of K-Beauty ON by KSOUK. She explains,

“All products are tested on our skin types to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and after using them ourselves, we introduce them to K-BEAUTY ON by KSOUK with pride.”

The decision-making process extends beyond personal experience, incorporating considerations such as the use of natural ingredients, sustainability practices, and the overall efficacy of the products. Customer feedback and reviews also play a pivotal role in shaping the store's offerings and guarantee a curated selection that resonates with its diverse clientele.

CEO of K-BEAUTY ON by KSOUK, Sook Jung Skehan

Leveraging its infrastructure, K-BEAUTY ON plays a crucial role in fostering understanding and appreciation of Korea through the lens of K-Beauty. The store is adorned with an authentic Korean Door at the entrance as you are welcomed into an immersive experience at K-BEAUTY ON by KSOUK.

K-BEAUTY ON actively translates its vision of enhancing beauty, promoting health, and championing Korean values into tangible outcomes through a meticulously planned array of operations and initiatives. The company prioritizes offering high-quality products that not only ensure safety and efficacy but also contribute to overall well-being.

Sook Jung explains how the team extends its commitment to environmental consciousness, saying,

“We are environmentally conscious by recognizing the importance of naturalism and natural ingredients, and we are always ahead of trends and pursuing innovation.”

Additionally, K-BEAUTY ON engages in collaborations with local organizations and opinion leaders to raise awareness about Korean beauty and culture beyond the confines of their retail space.

As a cultural ambassador, K-BEAUTY ON actively engages in various K-Culture promotions and events across the UAE. They have hosted the first K-pop showcase in the UAE. Apart from being the CEO of K-BEAUTY ON, Sook Jung Skehan is also the current president of King Sejong Institute Dubai (KSID) and spearheads initiatives introducing not only the Korean language but also the rich tapestry of Korean culture to the Middle East.

Sook Jung also talks about the scholarship program at Sejong Institute Dubai and how it contributes to a deeper understanding and exchange of Korean culture and language. Recognizing the inherent challenges in learning a new language, the institute adopts a transformative approach. The program aims to do more than teach students Korean. She says,

“We will not only teach students to learn another language but also strive to be a channel of communication, allowing them to enjoy learning Korean while understanding Korean culture.”

Beyond individual growth, there is an overarching hope that these scholarship initiatives will forge stronger connections between the UAE and Korea which will foster a deeper appreciation for Korean values and traditions among the scholarship recipients.

Looking ahead, K-BEAUTY ON envisions expanding its reach and impact, both in the Middle East and globally. The goal is to establish multiple stores to provide a broader audience in the UAE with the unique K-Beauty experience. The company is actively engaging in collaborations with local beauty events, experts, and influencers, aiming to enhance awareness and education about Korean beauty culture. Through a commitment to continuous innovation and meaningful engagement, K-BEAUTY ON aspires to solidify its position as a trusted platform and become synonymous with all aspects of K-beauty in the Middle East and beyond.

Indulge in an immersive experience where beauty becomes a celebration of culture at the K-BEAUTY ON store in Dubai.

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