Interview with Shivansh Rachit, Founder, Group President & Executive Chairman of Hedge & Sachs, A Leading Asset Management Firm

Interview with Shivansh Rachit, Founder, Group President & Executive Chairman of Hedge & Sachs, A Leading Asset Management Firm

In the dynamic realm of global asset management, Hedge & Sachs has created a space for itself with its innovation, commitment, and ethical standards. This asset management company has become synonymous with tailored investment strategies and unwavering regulatory compliance.

Explore the success narrative of Hedge & Sachs as Shivansh Rachit, Founder, Group President, and Executive Chairman of Hedge & Sachs, sheds light on the company’s journey, services, and proactive approach to industry challenges.

Shivansh Rachit is a pioneering figure in finance, leading Hedge & Sachs, a renowned asset management firm in Dubai and London. With over eight years of experience in asset management, Shivansh holds a deep understanding of global AIF and financial markets, including knowledge of crucial regulatory frameworks worldwide. By navigating various markets, he has refined his skills in developing investment strategies that not only adhere to stringent compliance standards but also align with the specific financial goals of individual clients. With a sharp focus on financial strategy, he adeptly manages and supervises all financial operations, including accounting, financial reporting, tax matters, business control, and treasury activities. He's also a visionary founder in real estate, emphasizing sustainability and ethical governance at Foremen Fiefdom. With an M.Sc. from TISS, Mumbai, Shivansh values continuous learning and enjoys squash and mentoring aspiring leaders outside of work.

In 2021, Hedge & Sachs started with a clear vision of offering thoughtful and strategic investment opportunities. With a mission to revolutionize asset management, this firm has showcased its commitment to innovation, client-centric solutions, and unwavering ethical standards through its operations. From pioneering investment strategies to establishing a global presence, each milestone exemplifies its goal of reshaping the standards in asset management.

Hedge & Sachs specializes in providing a range of services in asset management and consultancy. Their offerings include strategic consultancy, risk management, and bespoke investment solutions. Recognizing the diverse financial needs of each client, they go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach by tailoring their services to align perfectly with individual goals, risk tolerance, and the ever-changing trends in the global financial landscape.

In response to the recent changes in regulations, Shivansh highlights how Hedge & Sachs places a high priority on adapting to evolving AIF and asset management compliance requirements. The firm operates on a proactive philosophy, staying ahead of regulatory shifts through constant monitoring. With an agile framework, they are able to swiftly adjust their practices to ensure the protection of their clients’ interest while upholding the highest standards of compliance. Moreover, the firm ensures open communication with clients, keeping them informed about changes and aligning its strategies with the latest regulatory standards.

When it comes to Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), Hedge & Sachs boosts investor confidence through clear and transparent communication. Their communication strategy revolves around transparency with an aim to provide investors with information that is clear, accurate, and timely. Shivansh Rachit says,

“Transparency is at the core of our communication strategy.”

Be it regular updates on fund performance or in-depth insights into market trends, Hedge & Sachs is committed to building and maintaining investor confidence. This dedication helps them to nurture long-term relationships grounded in trust and accountability.

Shivansh illuminates the firm’s approach to risk management to safeguard investor capital. Recognizing the inherent challenges of market volatility, the firm adopts a two-pronged approach; proactive risk identification and strategic diversification. Using strong risk assessment models and spreading investments across various asset classes, Hedge & Sachs aims to reduce risks and shield investor capital, especially during tough market conditions.

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Hedge & Sachs' approach to developing investment strategies is highly personalized. Beginning with a thorough understanding of each client's individual financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, the process involves thorough analysis. The team then crafts tailored investment strategies that precisely align with the client's objectives. This ensures an approach customized to withstand the challenges posed by market dynamics.

Reflecting on the challenges in the asset management industry, Hedge & Sachs acknowledges the continuous shifts in regulations, market uncertainties, and disruptions introduced by technology. Shivansh says,

“We embrace these challenges as opportunities for innovation.”

By promoting adaptability within its culture, investing in advanced technology, and staying informed about global trends, it tackles these challenges. This proactive stance enables the firm to offer clients innovative solutions that anticipate and tackle challenges in the dynamic landscape of asset management.

"Our differentiation lies in the fusion of innovation, client-centricity, and unwavering ethical standards,"

shares Shivansh Rachit.

Setting itself apart from its competitors, Hedge & Sachs has invested in skilled talent, advanced technology, and strategic partnerships to enhance its services continuously. They have been able to establish a distinctive niche in the competitive landscape of Dubai's financial sector by prioritizing the delivery of exceptional value to clients and staying ahead of industry trends.

Hedge & Sachs maintains a cohesive and purpose-driven organizational culture to ensure that their day-to-day operations align with their vision and mission. The firm fosters a culture of purpose-driven excellence through continuous communication, employee development programs, and a collaborative work environment. Internally, innovation is encouraged through dedicated platforms, ensuring the team remains at the forefront of industry trends.

Hedge & Sachs: The Initiative to Help Females Invest Smartly and Increase  Their Wealth - London TV

Hedge & Sachs had launched an initiative to empower female investors on a global scale. The Invest'HER' is designed to bridge gender gaps in the financial world by offering tailored financial education, mentorship programs, and investment opportunities to women. Additionally, the initiative reflects a strong commitment to diversity and inclusivity while acknowledging and valuing the unique perspectives and strengths that women contribute to the field of finance.

Hedge & Sachs had launched its new hedge fund, MULTI ASSET GLOBAL FUND SERIES 1. This project emphasizes its dedication to providing diverse investment solutions. The fund stands out with strategic asset allocation, active risk management, and a primary focus on generating steady, long-term returns. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive approach to investing that adjusts to different market conditions offering stability and growth potential.

Looking beyond Dubai, Hedge & Sachs is actively considering expanding its presence into new markets. The firm's approach to expansion involves thorough market research, establishing local partnerships, and gaining a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of each prospective market. In addressing the challenges of entering new territories, Hedge & Sachs adopts a collaborative approach, respecting local nuances, and leveraging its global expertise. The goal is to replicate the success achieved in Dubai on an international scale by navigating challenges effectively and strategically.

"Ethical conduct is non-negotiable at Hedge & Sachs."

states Shivansh.

Hedge & Sachs maintains a steadfast commitment to ethical practices in its operations, prioritizing transparency, integrity, and responsible financial management aligned with industry best practices. The firm considers ethical conduct as non-negotiable, adhering strictly to the highest standards in every aspect of its business. This steadfast commitment to ethical standards runs deep within Hedge & Sachs which creates a feeling of trust and confidence among both clients and stakeholders.

By setting a standard for innovation, transparency, and dedication, Hedge & Sachs thrive in the ever-evolving world of global asset management.

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