Interview with Mamoon Alshawi, Group PR Executive at The Dubai Balloon, An Aerial Adventure with Unbeatable Views

Interview with Mamoon Alshawi, Group PR Executive at The Dubai Balloon, An Aerial Adventure with Unbeatable Views

With its picturesque skyline, Dubai has been undoubtedly attracting tourists from all over the world. The city houses many cafes, restaurants, and rides that offer the best panoramic views of the city. The Dubai Balloon at Atlantis is one of the latest and best ways to catch mesmerizing vistas of this beautiful city.

Explore the magic behind The Dubai Balloon as Mamoon Alshawi, Group PR Executive, shares more about this must-try experience in Dubai.

Redefining the boundaries of entertainment, The Dubai Balloon offers a unique opportunity to enjoy panoramic 360° views of the Dubai shoreline and iconic landmarks. This tethered balloon experience was opened to the public in March 2023, guaranteeing breathtaking views from a spectacular altitude of 300 meters.

The 10-minute flight with The Dubai Balloon is a visual treat for the visitors. This awe-inspiring visual journey will grant you the stunning vistas of Palm Jumeirah, the majestic Burj Al Arab, the modern marvel of Dubai Marina, and the vibrant JBR. If the weather permits, you can also view the spectacular cityscape of Downtown Dubai.

The Dubai Balloon offers visitors a complete and memorable experience. Situated within the Aquaventure Waterpark and in close proximity to The Avenues, the location extends a plethora of dining options. After the exhilarating ride, the visitors can unwind at the beach lounges or indulge in refreshments at the stores nearby. Visitors can also shop at their retail store for high-quality merchandise, allowing them to take home a tangible reminder of their unique and thrilling balloon adventure.  

The team at The Dubai Balloon gives top priority to the visitors’ safety. They follow meticulous precautions and measures to ensure the safety of the guests. Before embarking on the flight, guests are required to attend a safety briefing, which includes an engaging video presentation by 'Captain Safety'. The session will familiarize the guests with the safety protocols to follow throughout the journey.

Mamoon Alshawi emphasizes the paramount importance of attentiveness to the pilot's instructions. The briefing provides crucial information on hand placements before ascending, proper positioning on the balloon's platform, and guidelines for enjoying a walk when the balloon is up in the sky. The visitors are advised not to stick out any personal belongings through the net. The team also boasts experienced pilots and extensively trained ground personnel, further ensuring that every aspect of the experience prioritizes safety.

What sets The Dubai Balloon apart from conventional hot air balloon rides is its accessibility and unique features. The balloon is anchored to the ground at all times providing more stability and security than the traditional hot air balloons. It also uses helium for ascension instead of burning propane gas. These features also make it less expensive than the hot air balloons.

This balloon experience is suitable for visitors of all ages. The central location of this experience ensures easy access for visitors, making it one of Dubai's latest and most captivating attractions. As the duration of the experience is short, tourists can easily fit this ride into their Dubai itinerary.

Individuals looking forward to visiting The Dubai Balloon can book directly on their website or buy them at the ticketing office. You can choose from Regular Pass, Fast Pass, or Sunrise Pass. The Fast Pass option proves to be a convenient choice for those seeking a seamless experience. This exclusive feature offers the guests priority boarding by eliminating the need to wait in queues. The fast pass holders can also enjoy a complimentary coffee, tea, or juice after the ride.

The Dubai Balloon has pushed boundaries with its offerings making it a must-visit attraction in Dubai.

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