Interview with Gian Paolo Biasotto, Co-founder of VISION INDUSTRY, a Unique Eyewear Concept in Dubai

Interview with Gian Paolo Biasotto, Co-founder of VISION INDUSTRY, a Unique Eyewear Concept in Dubai

The transformative power of slipping on the perfect pair of eyewear goes beyond enhancing your vision; it effortlessly elevates your entire look. Ever wondered about the craftsmanship behind those seemingly ordinary frames? Gian Paolo, the visionary co-founder of VISION INDUSTRY, certainly did. He embarked on a mission to unveil the artistry and innovation behind every pair of glasses. What emerged is nothing short of extraordinary – the inception of VISION INDUSTRY.

Embark on the successful journey of VISION INDUSTRY as co-founder, Gian Paolo takes us through the genesis, uniqueness, and future aspirations of this optical concept store in Dubai.


VISION INDUSTRY is the first optical experiential-retail concept by Optitalia Group, one of the GCC’s leading companies in the distribution of eyewear. As the official representatives of major global eyewear companies like Safilo, Marchon, De Rigo, and Ateliers (an arm of the LVMH Group), VISION INDUSTRY stands as a pinnacle in design and services within the industry.

Shedding light on the inspiration behind VISION INDUSTRY, Gian explains how it stemmed out of a desire to elevate the perception of eyewear. Born out of a profound appreciation for the craftsmanship involved, VISION INDUSTRY strives to unveil the beauty behind the seemingly ordinary eyewear. He continues,

“We wanted customers to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind each pair, turning a simple accessory into a testament of intricate workmanship.”

Born into an eyewear manufacturing family, Gian’s personal journey illuminated the intricacies often overlooked in the creation of these beautiful items. He recognized that eyewear is often taken for granted and aimed to bridge the gap between what customers see and the meticulous craftsmanship behind each piece. He wanted to build an establishment that portrays the remarkable work embedded in eyewear.

Redefining the traditional eyewear retail, VISION INDUSTRY tries to bring the entire industry under one roof. Gian Paolo proudly declares it as a place where every eyewear need finds a solution. They have transformed the store into a comprehensive solution for anyone with eyewear needs by providing a unique and unparalleled experience.

Upon entering VISION INDUSTRY, customers are welcomed by a unique array of eyewear that sets them apart from any other optical store in the region or even globally. The selection available is unparalleled, offering a diverse and unmatched assortment.

At VISION INDUSTRY, technology takes center stage, playing a crucial role in both eyecare services and the overall retail experience. Technology is not just a tool but the core of VISION INDUSTRY. The technological advancements are evident in their clinics. Gian shares,

“Our clinics boast avant-garde technology, developed in collaboration with Nikon Japan, offering a level of precision comparable to leading eye hospitals. The real magic happens in our lab, where Italian artisans craft bespoke frames tailored to the unique needs of each customer.”

VISION INDUSTRY takes personalization to the next level. They provide customers with a personalized experience that goes beyond conventional eyewear services. Gian Paolo describes a unique space within the store where customers can engage with artisans to design the perfect frame from scratch. From the initial meeting, where sketches are drawn on a blank canvas, to the production of a mock-up in approximately five days, customers actively participate in the design process.

They follow an iterative approach to ensure the perfect fit. This involves trying on the mock-up, revising as necessary, and ultimately delivering a uniquely designed frame after about ten days. Currently, this experience is exclusive to VISION INDUSTRY.

Reflecting on the success achieved in just eight months since opening, Gian Paolo regards the venture as a remarkable success, surpassing initial expectations. Looking into the future, he envisions advancements and expansions in both product innovation and customer experience. He also shares their vision to extend beyond the borders of the Emirates, with plans to introduce this revolutionary eyewear experience to customers worldwide.

VISION INDUSTRY is truly changing the game, bringing innovation, personalized excellence, and a whole new perspective to the craftsmanship behind each pair of glasses.

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